Criminology Diploma


Criminology is equivalent to one A-Level and is called a Diploma as it is offered by WJEC (Wales). What makes this course attractive is that it has more coursework than A-Level as well as the exam at the end of Year 1 counts towards to overall grade in Year 2, unlike any other A-Level.

Studying this course in Criminology will help students interested in Law, Sociology, Psychology and, of course, criminology. 

  1. Changing Awareness of Crime 
  2. Criminological Theories 
  3. Crime Scene to Courtroom 
  4. Crime and Punishment

The following is an example of a case studied in Criminology

A dead body has been discovered next to a public toilet block in the local park; the man had been stabbed and there was a bloody fingerprint and several trails of blood discovered on initial investigation. The dead man appears to fit the description of a man reported missing by his wife the previous evening. Learners may be asked to consider: the forensic opportunities that are present at this stage; what the next steps would be in this investigation; and the agencies that would need to be involved to investigate this crime. 

Using their understanding of the roles of those who work within a criminal investigation and the retrieval of evidence from a crime scene, learners are required to work with representatives from the police and scientific support to understand whether the process of the criminal investigation has been carried out properly. 

The WJEC Level 3 Applied Diploma in Criminology is assessed using a combination of internal and external assessment. Two units are coursework and two are examined. 

  1. Changing Awareness of Crime - coursework 
  2. Criminological Theories - exam
  3. Crime Scene to Courtroom - coursework
  4. Crime and Punishment - exam

APPLIED CRIMINOLOGY A LEVEL combines three main subjects: Sociology, Psychology and Law. It works really well with Sociology and Media.

Please speak to any of the following teachers in the Sociology department: Miss Atiemo or Mr Williams.