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Bridging Work

Bridging work helps you to understand whether a subject or course is right for you. The introductory content found in each activity will give you an insight into the subject/course you have chosen to study over the next 2 years. Making informed choices will be integral to your success in Sixth Form.

All Year 11s students who wish to gain a place at KHS will be expected to complete  Bridging Work, including super-curricular reading, over the Summer holidays. Bridging Work will be assessed by your teachers at the start of  September and will link to the first unit/module of study. 

What if I do not meet the entry criteria to take up the course?

Students who completed bridging work for courses they cannot continue on, as they did not meet the entry criteria, will need to complete the Bridging Work for their new chosen course/s. Students will be expected to inform their subject teacher/s, if this is the case.

Download your Bridging Work from the expandable section below: