English Language A Level

Component 1: Language: Language Variation: 
This component introduces students to how language is used in data from a range of sources. Students will explore how the contexts of production and reception affect language choices. Students will also explore how writers and speakers present themselves to their audiences, constructing identities through their language choices. 
Component 2: Child Language
In this component, students will explore the development of both speech and writing in children between the ages of 0 and 8. Students will focus on the spoken language acquisition of children and will explore how children learn to write. Students will be able to analyse child language and apply appropriate theories of children’s language development, in both creative and essay responses.


Language variation over time (language change)
Reading child language acquisition 
Language investigation skills
Internally assessed coursework portfolio

3 written exams and a coursework portfolio:

Component 1: Language Variation 2 hours and 15 minutes;

Component 2: Child Language 1 hour and 15 minutes;

Component 3: Investigating Language 1 hour 45 minutes;

Coursework: crafting Language (internal assessment)

In Year 2, students will produce a coursework portfolio which will include:
Assignment 1: two pieces of original writing from the same genre, differentiated by function and/or audience

Assignment 2: one commentary, reflecting on the two pieces they have produced. 
The word count will be 2500–3000 words.  The coursework is only available in Year 2.

More information – See Ms El-Darsh