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Academic Support

The transition from studying Level 2 (GCSEs) to Level 3 courses (A Levels and/or BTEC) can often be challenging, yet rewarding. At Kingsbury Sixth Form, we understand the need to support our students with this transition. Through the explicit teaching of study skills, revision techniques and time management, the importance of effective study habits and how to apply them, is emphasised. These skills enable our students to be successful in their chosen courses, leading to appropriate and aspirational post-18 progression at the end of Year 13. 

Sixth Form WorkshopsAce

Students are encouraged to attend a number of workshops whilst studying at Kingsbury Sixth Form, including:

  • Effective time management 
  • Tackling procrastination
  • Improving revision skills
  • How to ace your exams
  • Coping with exam stress 

External providers are invited into the Sixth Form to deliver these workshops, including Inner Drive, Maximize and Elevate.

Tutorial Programme (Start the Day Right)

The weekly tutorial programme at Kingsbury High School is designed to support students with the demands of Level 3 study (A level/BTEC) and enhance their learning experience within the classroom. Our Sixth Form Tutors deliver tailored weekly sessions during morning registrations, including how to develop effective study habits and prepare for upcoming examinations by creating revision timetables. In addition, students are often paired with tutors who teach similar subjects to their chosen courses, in order to provide academic support, where necessary. 

Sixth Form Tutors are also trained to provide well-being support to students who may be experiencing examination stress, or are in need of further support with their organisational skills.

3Peer Mentoring Programme

At Kingsbury Sixth Form, we understand the value of peer mentoring. Selected Year 13 students are regularly encouraged to provide academic support for, and advice to our Year 12 students. These mentoring pairs are carefully matched based on similar subjects of study, target grades and post-18 aspirations. In addition, past students from our Alumni network often return to Kingsbury Sixth Form to mentor our Year 13s. They provide our students with guidance on the UCAS and apprenticeship application processes, as well as how to effectively revise for external examinations, during Study Leave.