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Head of Chemistry, Ms Siew Lee, has been guiding our potential medical students at KHS through application processes for many years. As a result, many students successfully gain entry to medical schools. As places have become more competitive over the years, Ms Lee’s personalised approach to mentoring gives our students the edge that they need. Students opting to study Dentistry and Veterinary Science are also fully supported by Ms Lee.

Anjna Vekaria picAt Kingsbury High School, we identify and support students who wish to apply for Medicine, Dentistry and Veterinary Science from the beginning of and throughout Year 12, by helping them develop into strong potential candidates. Getting to know our students quickly is of priority, so we can help guide them towards experiences which will contribute to their personal statements, such as: volunteering, work experience, undertaking an EPQ related to medicine or a health-related field and wider reading. KHS students are also encouraged to subscribe to ‘The Student BMJ’ to improve their understanding of current affairs around medicine and healthcare in general.

Our KHS Medical Society is organised and led by Year 13 medic applicants, who use this opportunity to present on research and have in depth discussions on ethics and medicine with their peers, including the Year 12s. These regular meetings enable our students to discuss topical issues and it also helps to improve their understanding of the field of medicine as well as enhancing their communication skills.

We also regularly invite KHS alumni who work in the field of medicine or in health-related careers, to speak to our students. Many offer advice and mentorship for our students, providing a platform for questions and an opportunity to gain an insight on the realities of these careers. It also improves our student’s confidence and their ability to converse with professionals. We are extremely lucky to have the support of our alumni, who are a testament to KHS.

James Frater picIn addition, we have strong links with Medic Mentor, an organisation which provides a range of online conferences and offers virtual work experience for our students. Through this platform, we have invited speakers from a range of medical schools to provide our students with advice on interview skills. 

Potential medical applicants are also encouraged to attend a conference regarding studying Medicine at Oxford and Cambridge in Year 12 (around October). Students are able to learn about the requirements of BMAT and UCAT testing in Year 12 in advance. We provide this information far earlier than most centres, as we feel it gives our students a head start. Further information about University Admissions tests can be found here. 

In 2022-23 (this academic year), we have 5 strong candidates who all secured interviews to study Medicine from September 2023. 4 out of the 5 candidates have secured offers: 3 have accepted offers from UCL and 1 from Bart’s and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry.

  • NiranYoganayagam@workKeisha Patel - Dentistry, Barts - 2019
  • Nikan Golesorkhi Medicine, Kings - 2019
  • Hassan Naima - Medicine, Barts - 2019
  • Dr James Frater - Kings - left 2014 Gap year, medicine 2015 King's College London
  • Dr Niran Yoganayagam, 2012 King's College (sponsors the Chemistry Yoganayagam Special Award given in Year 13)
  • Anisha Gnaneswaran - Kings 2022
  • Zahra Al Kabi - UCL - 2021
  • Maran Thirumanokaran - Barts  - 2021
  • Matin Amadzae - Barts - 2021
  • Heer Trivedi - Lancaster - 2019
  • Abarathan Jeevaraj - St George's - 2018
  • Mohsen Al-Hakim  - Barts - 2017
  • Zacharia Noor - Imperial College - 2017
  • Annette Yeboah  - Kings - 2016
  • Abdinasir Noor - UCL - 2014
  • James Frater - Kings - 2014 Gap year, medicine 2015
  • Alex Jewkes - Kings - 2014
  • Umair Baig - Kings - 2013, Medicine in 2014
  • Kishan Jethwa - East Anglia - 2012 Gap year, Medicine 2013
  • Shazia Kassam - Plymouth - 2012 Gap year, Dentistry 2013
  • Mariam Zaidi - Barts - 2012 Gap year, Medicine 2013
  • Niran Yoganayagam - Kings - 2012
  • Anjna Vekaria - UCL - 2012
  • Tanzeel Hussain - Kings - 2012