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We believe that excellent attendance positively impacts academic progress and enables students to access a well-rounded curriculum, including extra-curricular and super-curricular opportunities. It also adequately prepares them for future employment, training or higher education.  

As a school, we aim to work in partnership with parents/carers to address attendance concerns. Maintaining high levels of attendance requires resilience and responsibility.  We understand that some students might find it harder than others to attend Sixth Form. Therefore, we aim to work with students and parents/carers to remove any barriers to attendance. By building strong and trusting relationships, we can ensure the right support in place. 

Kingsbury Sixth Form students are expected to attend all timetabled lessons, including start the day right (registrations), weekly assemblies and academic lessons. Students are also encouraged to use our supervised study room during their study periods, which is available until 4pm every day (and in some school holidays).  

Good attendance at Kingsbury Sixth Form is considered 97% and above. Every day of absence reduces a student’s overall attendance by 0.5%. There is a well-established link between a pupil’s attendance and their academic attainment. Research shows that an absence of 10% equates to a grade reduction in subjects/courses. 

Attendance thresholds (using a traffic light colour coding system)

Attendance %


100-97% Attendance (green)

Excellent Attendance 

96-95% Attendance (green)

Good Attendance 

94% - 92% Attendance (amber)

Minimum Expected Attendance 

91%-90% Attendance (red)

Below Minimum Expected Attendance 

Below 90% (red)

Persistent Absence 

Sixth Form students with green and amber attendance are rewarded for their high attendance in celebration assemblies. Students will be allowed to arrive at school after 9am on specific days as agreed by the Sixth Form Team from the Spring Term (after February or April). Students are also expected to have Attitude to Learning Scores of either 1 or 2 in their February report. 

Further guidance and interventions can be found in our Sixth Form Attendance Policy. 

Sixth Form Attendance Policy