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Our individualised learning programmes focus on skills, fitness, decision making and developing students' values. Through our curriculum we teach and encourage competition, inclusion, teamwork whilst developing students' aspiration in the world of sport.

The PE curriculum is designed to empower students with skills that they will use throughout their adult lives.

Life Skills Taught
Responsibility Aspiration Monitoring Others
Resilience Respect Innovation
Communication – Speaking Communication – Listening Collaboration/Teamwork
Empathy Integrity Reflective Evaluator
How students learn these skills:
Invasion games Net and wall games Striking and fielding Fitness Other  
Pop Lacrosse
Ultimate Frisbee
Kin Ball
Table tennis
Spike Ball
Swing Ball
Seated Volleyball
Weight training
Interval training 
Nike fitness 
Blaze Pods
Sport Skateboarding
Silent Disco
Learning to Ride a Bike
Go Karts

During the Foundation Stage of The Kingsbury Curriculum, students develop a range of skills and knowledge in a variety of activities. Our main aim is to develop a love of physical activity. In order to achieve these goals, we create a culture in which students want to work hard to improve. We ensure that those wishing to select examination PE have the knowledge, ability and confidence to succeed.

At the end of the Foundation Stage students can choose Physical Education as an examination subject. Students will complete either a GCSE or a BTEC. The GCSE course encompasses 60% theory and 40% practical, whilst the BTEC course is based mainly around the completion of course work with 1 exam. Both of these courses run alongside students’ core lessons. Examination Physical Education is designed to enable students to enjoy and understand the benefits of living a healthy and active lifestyle; to provide a route to further study, such as A-Levels and Higher Education in Physical Education, as well as to other related career opportunities.

A PE student working towards a GCSE grade 8/9 should:

  • have the values to work independently and collaboratively in PE and participate regularly in physical activity outside of lessons. 
  • make effective decisions under pressure using strategy and tactics creatively in their performance.
  • have a good level of fitness and consistently show the determination to work hard in all activities.
  • Demonstrate a good level of skills within at least 3 different sports

Throughout their time at Kingsbury High School, students have progressive opportunities to develop leadership skills through our Physical Education curriculum. There are also various leadership workshops which we receive through our links with the Kingsbury School Sports Partnership. Outside agencies such as the Youth Sport Trust, Saracens Foundation and the LTA provide programmes which allow students to lead and volunteer in sports such as rugby, tennis & football, making a positive impact on their local community.

After sitting their GCSE’s in year 11, students are able to attend a two day introductory leadership course, learning in more detail about the 5 key skills which employers look for - communication, self-belief, self-management, problem solving and the ability to work as part of a team.

In the Sixth Form we offer the Sports Leaders UK Level 3 course which further develops these skills. This award requires a high level of commitment as a number of the units require volunteer hours outside of the taught curriculum, offering a number of opportunities to link with community agencies such as primary schools, elderly care homes and charities. This is a highly sought after course and we are one of the few schools in the local area to offer it.

Beyond the formal curriculum, there is a very wide range of extracurricular opportunities available to students. The program is designed to encompass all students, ranging from competitive sports teams, mass participation and clubs designed to develop self-confidence and motivation. We have a number of established links with local sports clubs and organisations and often have specialist coaches working with the school. Students are recognised for their commitment to clubs through specialist clothing, sports team pictures, whole school rewards and an awards celebration. Through our extracurricular program we aim to develop a sense of teamwork, self-worth and sportsmanship, and these values form the backbone to our club structure.

All the work of the faculty is supported through our extended learning work which features Duke of Edinburgh (Bronze and Silver awards and Gold), residential visits, coaching and officiating courses run through the work of the School Sport Partnership, and a variety of school based courses and events.

Please click on the link below to view our extra-curricular club timetables.

Extra Curricular Clubs