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Dress Code

At Kingsbury Sixth Form, we believe that the Dress Code reflects our vision of enabling all students to be: aspirational, responsible and employable. Our Dress Code reflects evolving professional environments further preparing our students for the world of work. It is also important to us that all of our students feel a sense of belonging to Kingsbury Sixth Form and the school community as a whole. 

The following guidance provides clarification of the clothing Sixth Form students are required to wear. How students present themselves within the Sixth Form learning environment is of great importance; we expect our students to approach their chosen courses/subjects in a responsible manner. As our students also serve as role models for the younger pupils within the school, we encourage them to embrace the high expectations which we place upon them, with maturity and respect. 

It is compulsory for all Sixth Form students to wear a school lanyard and ID badge whilst onsite at all times, for safeguarding purposes.

Dress Code

Plain suit jackets or formal jackets (both are optional) in black, grey, navy blue or beige only

Hard collared shirts or blouses in neutral (non-bright): plain white, cream, beige, black, grey, blue, navy blue, green, pink or purple only

Shirts/blouses should be modest (not revealing or low-cut) and shoulders must be covered.

Plain ties (optional)

Sixth Form tie (compulsory for Senior Prefects and Prefects)

Plain tailored trousers in: black, blue, navy blue, grey or beige only

Plain skirts (knee to ankle length) in: black, blue, navy blue, grey or beige only

Plain black, grey or skin-coloured tights only

Plain dresses (knee to ankle length) in: black, blue, navy blue, grey or beige only

Plain jumpers (v-neck or round neck) or cardigan in: black, grey, blue, navy blue or beige only

Plain footwear - plain black trainers or smart black or brown shoes/boots. Logos/branding should not be visible.

Plain outdoor coats/jackets (removed whilst in school)

Plain hijabs: black, blue, navy blue, grey or beige only

Discrete jewellery (stud earrings) and makeup

Plain coloured nail polish