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Student Leadership

At Kingsbury Sixth Form, we pride ourselves on our Student Leadership Programme. Students go through a rigorous application process to be considered for the Senior Student Leadership Team, in addition to the wider prefect team. All Year 12 students are welcome to apply. 

The aim of our Leadership Programme is to increase opportunities for students to play an important role in the Sixth Form and across the school. The Student Leadership Team is expected to partake in whole school events, be advocates for student well-being and share their ideas in regular student council meetings.

Our Student Leadership Team leads on whole-school initiatives, working alongside the Sixth Form and Senior Leadership Team at Kingsbury High School. These whole-school initiatives are designed to inspire positive and long-lasting changes in both the school and wider community. We also encourage our Student Leadership Team to serve as role models to their younger peers, through personal and academic mentoring. 

How the team is made up

The Student Leadership team comprises the two Senior Prefects who are supported by Deputy Heads. The Wider Prefect Team comprises of carefully selected students from a range of subjects/courses areas, all with different skill-sets and interests. Their role is to support the Students Leadership team and play a role in leading on agreed whole-school initiatives.

Main Responsibilities of the Student Leadership Team
  • To represent Kingsbury High School and Sixth form during open evenings and important events
  • To promote the value of academic and personal achievement, regardless of ability or starting point
  • To help increase aspiration, resilience and respect amongst their peers.
  • To facilitate communication between the wider student body and staff, to ensure all voices are heard
Mental Health First Aiders

Our Student Leadership team and a selection of the wider prefect team complete a Mental Health First Aid course in the Summer Term of Year 12.

The Mental Health First Aid course, accredited by Mental Health First Aid England (MFHA) is designed to enable our Student Leadership to be advocates for positive student well-being and to support their fellow peers who might need some additional support. These students work alongside the Sixth Form and Safeguarding Team at Kingsbury High School to signpost support organisations which students can independently access. They also act as a bridge between pupils and staff, ensuring that all students feel comfortable enough to ask for help, when needed.