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Mark Evison Foundation

Kingsbury High School was proud to launch the Mark Evison Mark ev logoFoundation initiative in 2022. The Mark Evison Foundation’s mission is to promote the personal development of young people through the undertaking of challenges. Students are tasked with planning a project, either independently or as part of a group, in order to develop the skills of responsibility and resilience; qualities of the ‘Kingsbury Way.’ Students are encouraged to take ownership of their projects, which are self-designed and linked to their own personal interests. 

Once an idea for a proposal is decided upon, representatives from the Mark Evison Foundation attend Kingsbury Sixth Form to meet with the student or group, to help transform their ideas into a feasible plan. All approved projects are generously funded by the Mark Evison Foundation. Further information about the foundation can be found here:


Successful Kingsbury Sixth Form Projects

In our first year, a number of students were successful in receiving funding from the Mark Evison Foundation for their self-designed projects. 

Example Project: Hiking up Ben Nevis, Scotland

This project involved students independently travelling to Scotland to climb the iconic mountain, Ben Nevis. The students had to plan the entire trip, including travel to Scotland, where they would camp and suitable climbing routes up the mountain.