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High School

Message from the Sixth Form Team

It would appear that while the UK is obsessed with buying toilet roll and dried pasta, as a young person you are likely to be concerned and anxious for very different reasons. 


Most importantly, please follow the government’s advice regarding social distancing to reduce the spread of the virus so the NHS can cope.  In the coming weeks, the priority of all of us should be to keep safe, look after our families and help in any way we can within the community to protect lives and support NHS workers on the frontline. 


If you have questions about calculated grades, UCAS , studying, next steps - anything really, email us. Remember the sixth form management are here for you, if needed, via email :


Stay safe, Stay well, Stay home.  


Accessing School Work


Show My Homework is the main platform for accessing school work from your subject teachers. Please log in regularly. We are aware that some teachers are also using Google Classroom and KLIC to post work to you. If you have any difficulties accessing school work, please email the sixth form team.


Latest information from the Department of Education


What we do know


  •  All A level /BTEC exams for the Summer 2020 series have been cancelled. 

  • Year 13 students will have A level / BTEC ‘calculated grades' from teacher assessments, whole-school historic achievement and individual student's prior attainment. The 'calculated grades' will be moderated externally by exam boards to ensure the grade distribution follows a similar pattern to previous years so that no student is disadvantaged in these extraordinary circumstances. Please remember that the grade teachers submit is not guaranteed to be the grade you receive.  It is only one piece of information that exam boards will use to calculate your grade. 

  • Year 13 ‘calculated grades’ are expected to be released before the end of July 2020.

  • Year 13 students studying for AS exams will also be awarded a calculated grade.

  • ·Year 13 students will have the option to sit an exam in 2021 if you are unhappy with your 'calculated grade'.

  • No controlled assessments tasks (NEA’s) can be completed by students at home. We know no more than this!


What information we are still waiting to hear


  • Dates of the 2021 exams – we still await information about when and how this can happen for those who opt to take an exam, if unhappy with their calculated grade.

  • If students opt to sit exams in 2021, will these grades override any Summer 2020 ‘calculated grades’? e.g. if students opt for an exam in 2021 and the result is lower than the ‘calculated grade’ – which grade would stand? 

  • BTEC National coursework. Centres are continuing with coursework, as we have not received any information on this. 


Kingsbury High School advice


  • All Year 13 students keep working at home to study / revise the subject specifications, in case you opt to sit the 2021 exams.


  •  All BTEC students continue with coursework.


  • All Year 13 students undertake wider reading to prepare for University undergraduate courses. Look up the Year 1 content for your chosen university course and start reading around the topics. More advice to follow on this.


·Be reassured that Kingsbury High Sixth Form will provide as much support as we can over the coming period. 

Links to Government and exam board guidance:

BTEC Nationals  25 March


GCSE/AS and A Levels  20 March


AQA advice on awarding grades  24 March


Food banks

Please click on the link below  if you need to find your local food bank. Students who are free school meals will be receiving food vouchers in the coming days. Please email Mrs Cox  if you require more information.



Calendar of Birthdays this week 

We hope you have a lovely day, enjoy it the best you can. 



Students Names

Monday 23rd March

Imdadul Haque, Ahmad Akram 

Tuesday 24th March

Nancy Abdulay

Wednesday 25th March


Thursday 26th March


Friday 27th March

Shifa Faki


Calendar of Birthdays next week



Students Names

Saturday 28th March

Dilex Jeyarajah, Bravein Yoganandasivam

Sunday 29th March

Amira Choudry, Banu Pulavan Binisha Varsani , Alim Yadgary

Monday 30th March

Yonis Hassan, 

Tuesday 31st March

Gabrielle Malcolm

Wednesday 1st April

Sarah Al Humadi, 

Thursday 2nd April

Hadia Roufi, Alaleh Shadman Motlagh

Friday 3rd April


Ama Malawwethanthri


How to stay Active 

Joe Wicks - 9am every morning on his youtube account


Be Active: Stay In Work 0ut /5 Ways to Wellbeing  



Celebrating Success

Oliver Cochrane in Year 12 has produced this impressive piece of work for his A level artwork this week. The idea behind it really does reflect this time we are experiencing. 

Well done Oliver.



UCAS Information

Year 13

To Firm & Insure your university's offers, the original deadline of 5th May has been extended by two weeks to the new deadline of 19th May. This will give you more time to consider all your options and information available.


Many universities are now hosting a series of live link ups and a variety of other ways to keep in touch and support their prospective students. This includes support on a variety of topics and providing study techniques and activities to help applicants prepare for University. Please visit your intended university websites and explore all the fantastic resources available to you.


Year 12

It is pleasing to hear so many of you are working hard and already submitting work to a high standard. It is worth noting that teachers will soon be writing your individual UCAS subject references which will make up your Tutor Reference on your UCAS application and I am sure they will consider your aptitude to independent learning (a key university skill). Keep up the good work.


Careers Information

Ms Connie Collie (Connexions Advisor) will be available on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 9:00am and 3:00pm via email:


Employment opportunities 

You can apply typically for part-time jobs. If you haven't done so already start working on your CVs. All eligible 16 year olds will receive their National Insurance numbers in due course. There are a number of supermarket chains who are recruiting at present. These include: Aldi, Tesco, Asda, M&S, Morrisons, Lidl and Waitrose. If you are considering applying, please familiarise yourself with the rules of Child Employment:


Useful links to support your Health & Wellbeing


Mental Health support : Young Minds 



Physical activities:  Sport England : Join the Movement


Musical activities :  Song sheets for those with instruments


                              Activities for those without instruments



Interested in trying out a bit of theatre?

Theatre tickets are often  expensive but every Thursday at 7pm on Youtube the National Theatre is allowing free access to a performance filmed on stage live (at the time). Mr Senior watched one at a cinema streaming two weeks ago - amazing performance. Check out April 02  ‘One man, Two Guvnors’ . Funny and uplifting starring James Corden from Gavin and Stacey fame. If you need a gentle introduction into theatre, this is the play for you! A family play, too.


Thought of the Week

Students are like footballers now- just because there are no games doesn't mean they stop training! School students are not the only people who are caught in this limbo. For example, you are all now in the same position as professional footballers! 


All football activity has been suspended until further notice, but players have been told to remain professional and to follow their training programmes for however long they may be isolated.


Les Ferdinand, Director of Football at our nearest League club, Queens Park Rangers, has this to say: "We have given specific training and nutrition programmes to the players. We keep reiterating to the players ‘this is not a holiday, this is not a break.' Unfortunately, you are not allowed to come into the training ground but you are professional athletes. You need to keep yourself in condition to be able to hit the ground running again. We all know that if you are off for a certain amount of time, at the end of the season, when you come back you will need a six-week period to get yourselves back up to speed. But this is not a period where we have said ‘go home, put your feet up and relax’.


The players are expected to do something every day to keep themselves ticking over so when we do go back in, we will have missed a couple of games but they shouldn’t need a full pre-season to resume playing football again. We’ll test them when they come back and hopefully they realise they need to be professional enough to take it on board."


You need to be as professional as you can be by continuing to study. 


Although we can't imagine this right now, we will eventually return to some kind of normality. We don't know exactly when that will be, but it will happen, and we must remember this because it gives all of us a reason to keep going and look forward to the future.



That’s it for this issue. Watch out for our next newsletter on Friday 3 April. We’re off to learn how to use Houseparty!