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New to Year 7

We are thrilled to welcome your child to the KHS family. We hope this page, packed with information about joining us and what it is like, makes the transition a bit easier for you and your child. 

We understand that you may have a lot of questions that you couldn't ask us during the transition period and open evenings, but we are confident that our information we will be sharing with you shortly will help you create a visual idea of what life is like at KHS.

Please open the expandable sections below to find out more.

Meet Mr Gibson, your Stage Leader and let him take you around the school.

Mr Gibson interviewed two of our Year 7 students with some popular questions about the transition into Year 7. We hope this helps you get a feel for what it is like to be part of the KHS community.

What do I current Year 7s think of the school and the transition process?

If you attended the transition meeting did you find them useful and why?

  • Yes, they gave me a lot of helpful information for the future year.
  • Yes, because they answered some of my questions.
  • I found them useful because it helped me answer my question
  • I found it useful because I got to know some things about KHS.
  • Yes, because the teacher was able to answer many of my questions.
  • I found them useful as families need to be aware of important stuff happening. Joining the meetings
  • They were useful because it helped us understand more about the school and we had opportunities to answer questions and get them answered.

If you were to plan a day for the current Year 6's, what would you include?

  • Fun.
  • A few fun activities.
  • Sports, crafts and arts and team building games.
  • A tour of upper and lower school, make them play some sports, do some activities from other subjects (for example DT or Computer Science) and meet your form tutor. Also, writing a letter to your form tutor.
  • Art, science, music and pe.
  • It would be a taster day, and you get to learn all about your school and teachers and fill it with activities.
  • A speech by the head teacher.
  • Activities such as PE, Drama and Music, some fun learning which will make everyone comfortable.
  • If I were to plan a day for the Year 6's I would include a tour of the school, the chance to meet the teachers and a brief idea of what a typical school day might be like.

In one sentence describe how you feel about settling into secondary school

  • I feel good
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed the transition from primary school to secondary school; thank you to all the staff that have helped settle us in.
  • Happy and welcomed.
  • Hard lots of homework thrown at you.
  • I describe it as a bit challenging.
  • I feel amazing because I made so many new friends and I learnt new things.
  • I feel nervous settling in.
  • I feel great and can't wait to see what's waiting for the next chapter of my life.
  • Good and happy.
  • I am feeling great about settling into secondary school.
  • I feel excited because I made new friends and I know the place better.
  • I feel very happy and excited because I am finally in secondary school, and it was not as hard as I thought it was.
  • Really good I know my way now and I know where I have to go for lessons.
  • It's scary at first but when you spend time in it it will become easier and you will get to know your way around.
  • Really good lot of changes but it feels good.
  • I feel excited because I will be making new friends and trying new things.
  • Confident, because I know most of the teachers and I made my way through the school.
  • I feel very normal and happy that i have friends and is a lot different from primary school.
  • I feel excited and hope to learn new things.
  • The school is awesome.