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Message from the Sixth Form Team


If you are in Year 13, you will be thinking about university or alternatives after your results. Some good news for you about universities this year: many (not all) are under severe financial pressures due to the fall in supply of overseas students next academic year, so those universities which relied on overseas students  will be looking to recruit more from the UK and the government has allowed them to recruit slightly more this year. Also, it might be the case (we don’t know for sure) that students might defer more than usual this year and that might create yet more space...with a potential knock on effect the following year, perhaps? However, we don’t know if deferrals will change or that universities will even allow more of them: it is up to universities to decide to whom they grant a deferral.


Here’s an article about what some universities are doing about starting (freshers’ week and term one arrangements. The source is clearly a media company who have got sponsorship from a university (that will be obvious) but the information will be of interest. READ


If you are in Year 12, you will be waiting for news about returning and you will have seen lots of debate about this on the news. Currently, we have no news on that but as soon as we do, we will let you know. One thing that can certainly be said is that you will not be in immediately after half term, that much I do know. We are working hard to arrange the way forward. In the meantime, keep engaging with work to help ensure you do not fall behind. Here’s a video about how students felt starting Year 13. 

 WATCH ( enter password KHS12 )


Email us if you are struggling


Year 12 - Please continue with your university research and creating your extended short list on UniFrog for your Form Teacher to monitor.


For some extra information you may want to take part in this Virtual University Fair below,  where you will have the opportunity to chat with over 80 different universities.


Year 13 - If you are still finding it difficult to decide between your Firm and Insurance choice universities you may also like to take part in this Virtual University Fair below.


Click on the link to register beforehand:




If you need some guidance on choosing your Firm - your first choice ( CF ) and Insurance- your backup choice  ( CI ) universities , do get in touch with Ms Creeber 


Reminder : UCAS deadline to accept offers is 18th June 2020


  • Remember - Your insurance choice should act as a back-up option if you don't get the grades you were expecting and miss out on your firm choice. It doesn't make any sense picking an insurance choice with higher or the same  entry requirements as your firm choice.




Speakers for Schools talks


Fri 22nd May 10am

Add to calendar


Tom Dore, Head of Education, British E-Sports Association


Tom's session will talk about the transferable skills that can be gained from playing esports, Tom's session will aim to demystify the esports sector and let students know about the opportunities that exist.




  • Join 10 minutes before the VTALK to be ready

  • You can join without needing an account – Watch how here

  • For full speaker descriptions visit the VTALK Schedule here




  • Watch pre-recorded VTalks from our library here


Calendar of Birthdays​​​​​​​

We hope you have a lovely day, enjoy it the best you can. 



Students Names

Saturday 23rd May


Sunday 24th May

Iman Chaudhry

Monday 25th May

Fawsiya Abdi

Tuesday 26th May

Kirshanth Mahendrarajah

Wednesday 27th May

Nishant Gautami, Shaniya Sanghani

Thursday 28st May


Friday 29th May

Zahra Abbud, Vanessa Danila


Celebrating Success… 


YEAR 12 BTEC STUDENTS...well done :)

Salma Choudry, Hastin Modha and Shamla Kamawal are producing some fantastic notes in preparation for Year 13. 


In particular, Salma and Shamla both have gone above and beyond with their note taking using different colours and really demonstrating they understand what they have been asked to do. 


All three students have kept to their deadlines since lockdown and have general brilliant email etiquette.


Ms Ranjit


Friday Fun - Quizzes from BBC Radio 4 Today Programme - Mensa, UK Mathematics Trust, and various university maths departments.

Answers to last week’s puzzle





I never knew there was an ‘Indigo snake’ either (maybe you did), so we have all learned something! Mr S



54 KG



230 is mainly for those who REALLY enjoy maths and f/maths!

Eton College

CV writing on-line course - I am now releasing this course to Year 12 as well as Year 13


YOU MUST NOT SIGN IN AS A ‘STUDENT’ as that will ask you to PAY £££




Access code: V4R0US7Q


Please send your students their access code and give them the following instructions to sign up:




How to sign up to your EtonX course:

  1. Visit the EtonX website and click Sign up.

  1. Choose Sign up with Access Code. 

  1. Enter your Access Code.

  2. Follow the on-screen instructions. Please sign up with your school email address.

  3. Congratulations! You can now get started on your course.






Keep well


Mental Health support : Young Minds   Kooth

Meditation and sleep :


Relax - mindfulness and meditation app :


Physical activities:  Sport England : Join the Movement


Musical activities :  Create short pieces of music-quickly and easily


Sing with Aga-new videos released each Friday


That’s it for this week. Half term is Monday 24th May to Friday 29 May. Watch out for our next newsletter after half term on  Friday 05 June.