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High School

Message from the Year Leader

Week 14 of lockdown has seen the first regional lockdown in Leicester. Residents are not particularly pleased as schools and non essential businesses will need to close. Mr Das talks more about this below.


With people putting everything on hold again while the remainder of the nation remains open for now I can only imagine the frustration. While this is only initially for a short period of time, please take a moment to remember those who are in Hong Kong at present. Beijing has passed a new law which will end their freedom of speech, as well as stop them from protesting if they're unhappy with how Hong Kong is being run. It is important to remember that you have many privileges in this country that should not be taken for granted. You are able to use your voice and freedom of speech to speak up about injustices in constructive ways and while not recommended at this time you are able to protest peacefully. Do not take your freedoms for granted and use them responsibly and in a respectful manner.

This week I have spent the majority of my time at home due to the rainy weather. I have been teaching my daughter how to complete puzzles and am amazed at how quickly she picked it up. I also spent some time colouring myself (see picture) with her too which I found to be quite therapeutic and relaxing. I fully understand why she loves drawing and colouring and how creative you can be with it.


I have continued to get to know the new Year 7’s that will be arriving in September. I recorded a welcome video for them and have met with a number of their teachers to see how best they can be supported when they arrive.,


The Leavers Hoodies deadline has passed and those who have completed their orders have now been sent to the manufacturer. The online store will remain open for a further 2 weeks and will close on Friday 17th July 2020. Please refer to the email which has been previously sent as I will no longer be resending this information to students and parents. Please note that the manufacturer is based in Leicester so these items may be delayed which is beyond anyone's control. I will provide updates as and when I receive them.


There have been a number of birthdays since the last newsletter; Happy 16th Birthday to: Taimoor A, Hana M, Kiana Z, Lema H & Lediona Z.


Our next Newsletter will be on Friday 10th July 2020.


Message from the Stage Leader

Even as society is preparing for a wider re-opening and easing of lockdown, there was a stark reminder this week that the coronavirus has NOT completely gone away. 

A local lockdown has been ordered in Leicester in response to a spike in coronavirus cases, and people in the city will face tighter restrictions over the next 2 weeks, with non-essential shops and schools being closed again.

So that our communities in Northwest London can avoid another lockdown, please remember and practice the "three W's" to combat the pandemic: 

Wash your hands regularly

Watch your distance - 2 metres apart where possible

Wear a face covering – if closer than 2 metres

In a previous newsletter I mentioned a song by Alicia Keys where she paid tribute to healthcare and emergency workers for all their sacrifice during this pandemic.

Following the death of George Floyd and the global protests for the Black Lives Matter movement, Alicia Keys again speaks to the times we live in, expressing her frustration and grief and anger with her new song, “Perfect Way To Die”. 

She sings from the perspective of a mother whose son has been shot to death, and says of the song, "Of course there is no perfect way to die. This phrase doesn't even make sense but that's what makes the title so powerful and heart-breaking because so many have died unjustly. We all know none of these innocent lives should have been taken due to the culture of police violence."

The BET Awards celebrating black artists and sports personalities were held earlier this week in a virtual socially distanced way. Alicia Keys gave her first live performance of this song at the awards, playing her piano in a deserted city, surrounded by murals and the names of dozens of people whose lives have been lost to racism:

Stay home as much as possible, Stay safe, Stay strong!


Careers Advice and Guidance

Ms Connie Collie (Connexions Advisor) will be available on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday between 9:00am and 3:00pm. Many of you have asked for help to write your CVs/Cover letters, completing college and apprenticeship applications, answered questions about university applications and what to do if things don’t quite work out as planned. She is not currently in school but continues to work from home and can be contacted via email: or on the phone: 07584 270 467.


If you are 16 years old, you can apply typically for part-time jobs. If you haven't done so already start working on your CVs. All eligible 16 year olds will receive their National Insurance numbers in due course. There are a number of supermarket chains who are recruiting at present. These include: Aldi, Tesco, Asda, M&S, Morrisons, Lidl and Waitrose.

If you are considering applying, please familiarise yourself with the rules of Child Employment:


Exams & 6th Form

Ofqual has provided official information about grading for this year's GCSE exams. Please watch attentively!


Bridging Work Information

Bridging work was sent out by email this week. Please read the information provided and direct any concerns or questions to the 6th Form team.


Useful Links

What to do if you’re anxious about coronavirus -

If English is not your families first language there are COVID Guidelines in most community translation available from:

Please pass on and share your families and friends so everyone one can understand and keep safe and healthy.