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High School

Message from the Year Leader/ Stage Leader

Sometimes we are unsatisfied with what we have or we moan about having too much to do. We complain about being bored! We complain about being too cold or too hot wanting this and that. Then we get hit by a ‘lightning bolt’ called Corona Virus and we are stopped dead in our tracks! Then the desire for the latest pair of trainers, the latest iPhone, that new car fades and we realise that none of it is really important at all. Everything that we take for granted is snatched away and we are left rocked to the core. This is the time to look around and appreciate what we have and who we have in our lives! Now is the time to be kind to one another and take care of each other even if from afar. Stay safe! Mrs Prince


Although this is a tough time for everyone, please remember that every member of staff at Kingsbury High school is there for you. Anytime you need to speak to anyone, please do not hesitate to drop me an email and I will get back to you. Finally, In the toughest situations, the best comes out of people and as a family, we will get through these times and see you on the other side. Stay at home, stay safe and take care - Mr Froy


Food Banks

Please click on the link above if you need to find your local food bank. Students who are free school meals will be receiving food vouchers in the coming days. Please email Ms Prince or Mr Froy if you require more information.


KLIC Messenger

KLIC messenger is currently not set up, we will review this but at the moment this function is not available.


Calendar of Birthdays this week- We hope you enjoy your day the best you can.



Students Names

Monday 23rd March


Tuesday 24th March

Hamza Abbas

Wednesday 25th March


Thursday 26th March


Friday 27th March

Hassan Hamid

Konrad Zygadlo



Calendar of Birthdays next week



Students Names

Saturday 28th March

Mohamed Alomran

Sunday 29th March

Zephaniah Obeng

Monday 30th March

Humam Al-Qouraishi

Tuesday 31st March

Crystal Vahabzadeh

Wednesday 1st April


Thursday 2nd April

Raul Arygo and Rehana Khan

Friday 3rd April



Quote of the week

It's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice. - Make sure you check in with friends and loved ones. Check your classmates and their families are OK. Be kind to one another whilst on social media as you never know what someone else is going through.


Thought of the week

Students don’t care  how much you know, until they know how much you care!

John C. Maxwell


This week in history

1914 1st successful non-direct blood transfusion is performed by Dr. Albert Hustin in Brussels

2015 UK inflation fell to zero for the first time on record. A deep oil price slump and a fierce price war being fought out by supermarkets brought fuel prices down by 16.6% over the year and cut food prices by 3.4%.


27th March - Today is Mariah Carey's Birthday!



Word of the day - Perseverance 

Is not giving up. It is persistence and tenacity, the effort required to do something and keep doing it till the end, even if it's hard! 


Music Resources

If you are lucky enough to have an instrument at home go to the link below to access keyboard, ukulele and guitar song sheets.


If you don't have an instrument at home use the Chair drumming powerpoints (follow the same link) to learn how to play a drum beat (no drum kit required) or work on some body percussion at


How to stay Active 

Joe Wicks - 9am every morning on his youtube account


Be Active: Stay In Work 0ut /5 Ways to Wellbeing  


Are you ready to take on the challenge !!




If you need some strategies to help with your mental health, please take a look at the link below from Unicef.


Students amazing Work

Well done to the following 3 girls who have made some amazing science projects for Ms Henderson. So much time and detail has been taken here and you should be really proud of your work. Also Ms Tshibola has emailed us some lovely work which can be seen below. Well done to the 2 girls who have submitted that work. If anyone else would like their work shown please email to Mrs Prince and Mr Froy so that we can include it in the coming weeks.




  Projects by Maria Cociorve, Vrinda Parekh and Laura Cretu




Science work by Anisha Begum and Elisa Juravle


Students - FAQs

Next week there will be a section that answers any of your questions. If you have any questions about the current section please email your lead and stage leader directly.


Do you have any ideas for our weekly newsletter or any messages you would like on here? If so, please email Mr Froy and Mrs Prince and we will see what we can include. 

Stay home. Stay Safe.