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High School

Message from the Stage Leader 


Dear Year 7, 

I hope you are all well and looking after family and friends. 

Managing the transition to homeschooling is a real challenge 

You may be experiencing a wide range of emotions  from fear 

and anxiety to excitement and enthusiasm. The following are  suggestions myself and my family are using to make the transition as smooth as possible for everyone.


  • One of the best ways to make the transition to learning at home is to establish routines as soon as possible. 

  • Copy the school timetable/or create your own 

  • Check Show My Homework and keep up with the work your teachers have set.

  •  Include similar break times and meal-times

  •  Work with others in your house if possible to replicate school. Invent a variety of ways to ‘schoolify’ your home

  •  Find ways to use technology to meet up with others.


Stay at home, stay safe and take care 

Mr Gibson


Message from the Year Leader 

Dear year 7

I cannot believe I am about to tell you this but Oh My Goodness how I am missing you all and your noise and your funny ways! I am sorry I wasn't in school with you on those last few days but I hear that you were incredible and really showed yourselves to be the year group that you are. This has been a strange start to your Kingsbury High School journey, I know and no doubt it will shape you into the young adults you are quickly becoming for so many reasons.

I know we can get through this by working together, the key is keeping busy and thinking positively, even in the toughest of moments.Keep learning, in all the forms that are available to you:

  • Learn through study

  • Learn through your family

  • Learn through doing new and creative things in your home

  • Learn through this experience

Help each other and be kind, most of all stay safe and follow the guidelines

Thinking of you all

Take care

Ms Snow



Greatness in students work:

Science,excellent work on SMHW.The following students have done fantastic. They seem really keen on working from home.(Mrs Martin Redondo)


 7R  :Jeilani Jeilani :Sebastian Sorescu

 7S Darwaish Alamair:Larsa Jabar


Link to Music resources


If you are lucky enough to have an instrument at home go to the link below to access keyboard, ukulele and guitar song sheets.


If you don't have an instrument at home use the Chair drumming powerpoints (follow the same link) to learn how to play a drum beat (no drum kit required) or work on some body percussion at


KLIC messenger

KLIC messenger is currently not set up, we will review this but at the moment this function is not available. 


Useful Link KLIC messenger

What to do if you’re anxious about coronavirus -


Food banks

Please click on the link above if you need to find your local food bank. Students who are free school meals will be receiving food vouchers in the coming days. Please email Miss Snow    if you require more information.

Be Active: Stay In Work 0ut /5 Ways to Wellbeing  


Are you ready to take on the challenge !!