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High School


Dear  All,


I hope you are all keeping well. I just want to clarify things with regards to the online learning 

Online learning is what you are currently doing at home. You are learning online by going onto show my homework and maths watch etc and doing the work. This is still the same for the last 2 weeks of term.

Please continue to log on to show my homework and complete the 3 pieces of work that will be set 


The lessons for each day will be set according to the timetable


Year 7






Lesson 1






Lesson 2






Lesson 3







Lessons will be available from 9.00am. You should try and engage with each lesson at the times given, but obviously there is flexibility to this, as long as you complete the sessions set for each day.


 Some students may in the future  be offered live lessons online where their  teacher will teach the lesson at the time shown on the timetable, although details of this have not been set yet.

Stay safe,


Message from Ms Snow

Dear Young ones of Year 7

This week I have been thinking about Heroes, what they do, who they are, what they mean to us.

Well, on researching this topic (yes, I do my homework too!) I found out the following:

 It all started way back when a hero in Greek mythology was and is still believed to be a half-god/half-human being. Herakles, for example, was the son of the god Zeus and the mortal woman Alkmene. Heroes performed extraordinary feats and were worshipped and many stories are still told today of the heroes of that time.

Sometimes, the protagonist (or main character) of a story is called the "hero" of the work (a book/movie/etc.).  Frodo and his carrying of the ring, Harry Potter and his fight to beat Voldermort.

The word is used in the sports world to mean an extraordinary player or athlete  for example our "football hero" that may be all in team Liverpool right now or "Olympic heros"  Mo Farah, Loius Smith,Nicola Adams.

We've all read the books, seen the movies, supported the teams, the Hero always makes everything better and wins the day


Heroes come in many different forms, especially in our current world.

In the modern world, hero has lost its ancient meaning. It now means someone who is courageous, "The firefighter who saved my baby is a hero." for example.

Heroes are "heroic", they have "heroism". They help in saving people or a society from bad people, villains, or natural disasters. 

A hero can also be someone who is helpful, polite, or helping people who need it.

So who are our heroes?Well, I can tell you they come in all shapes and sizes, there are heroic moments both big and small which will mean everything to someone but regardless of what or who, they all share some key things. 

Above, there was a mention of courage, again bravery can be a small moment that makes a huge difference, we don't all have to wear that cape or have a batmobile or spider senses, just that moment of courage.

Some other qualities would be someone who is kind, someone who cares and helps, someone to look up to, that is generous and brave, someone who is bold and that will stand up for what they know is right, in the RIGHT way, someone who doesn't look for the glory but is humble in taking that moment to be the hero.



Who makes you think like that, who fits that description for you?

Are you the hero?

Can you be someone's hero?

Any act of kindness or showing any of these qualities in singularity or combined is how you can show your heroism right now, take the time to be generous, with your thoughts, with giving time to others, listening, learning, caring and sharing what you can to support those around you as I know you can and will

So my young ones, I ask you, what can you do to make a difference?

 The challenge has been set!

Take care of yourselves, keep safe and well

Ms Snow

(and just for a bit of fun I have included a superhero image quiz, how many do you know without googling?)






This week : 2 amazing ambassadors have stepped forward to support our new up and coming year 7s into life at Kingsbury High School. It was not so long ago that this was you but their experience due to the pandemic will be a very different one, so Sara 7T and Yusuf 7Y helped in making that easier.

We owe a huge gratitude to Sara and Yusuf  who helped us by making a welcome video from their homes for us to share with the students and their families so they can feel reassured, as you will all remember, starting High school can be a scary time and we have to be one the ones to make it better for them.

Us, as the new year 8s will be essential to how they feel coming in to KHS and I have made a pledge that ours will be the best year group yet to make that happen, Thank you to Sara and Yusuf for being our Heroes in making that such a positive start.







Our next Hero is someone in our KHS family that you havent seen for a while and she has brought a new addition to our family.

Many congratulations go to our Dear Ms Koehle, form tutor of 7K, her and her partner have welcomed little Oscar into the world and they are now celebrating a healthy new life with their beautiful son. Isn't he cute!



SAM Learning

The school is no longer using SAM Learning. Unfortunately it was not cost effective.

Teachers that used it will be setting alternative work for you.


Google Classroom help

Watch the link above if you need more help on how to submit work on google classroom. If you need further assistance please email Mr Cumbers at



In loving memory of Hilary Dimond:


Please follow the link for the book of condolences.  

The link is here


Happy Birthday !!




Dehaira El Hili

04 July 2008



05 July 2008



05 July 2008



06 July 2008



10 July 2008



The KHS PE Department is posting a new fitness challenge every day for you to have a go at. Follow us on Instagram, by searching for @KHSPE to have a go and get moving with us! You can even earn extra credits by sending your PE teacher a picture of you participating, a picture of your smart watch or stopwatch or an explanation of what you did and how you felt afterwards. Looking forward to seeing you smashing the PE Teachers Daily Challenge over the next 6 weeks! 



Hello there Kingsburians! 

This week’s Well-Being Bulletin challenge is sleep. Zzz

It is a necessity for our survival as  mankind: you need it, your teachers need it, your

parents need it, even I need it. 

I understand that this pandemic has destroyed our schedules -the sleep one in

particular .  When I go on WhatsApp I see that my close friends were active at 4 am

(very late) but would be messaging me at 10 am. 6 hours is nowhere near enough,

As developing teenagers we need a minimum of 8 hours of downtime. According to

the NHS, our generation (15 years olds) need approximately  9 hours and 15

minutes of sleep. It is much better for you to sleep at the same time and during the

night and not the day if  possible. Sleep is the most important part of my day.  Some

of us have been given through social media “memes” the vile mentality of sleep

being for the weak.  It is not!

Sleep, as passive as it may seem, is what helps to create a balance within our life. It

is a time when we are doing nothing, nevertheless so much is happening

During deep sleep muscles are relaxed and tissue growth and repair is initiated, this

is because when we sleep, hormones are released, in particular the growth one’s. -I

am not the only one that wants to be 6’2!

According to “Brightside (2020)” whilst we sleep a chemical is released in our brains,

washing away all toxins, keeping us safe. 

According to “Queensland health-2018” (2020) whilst we sleep - dreaming about

unicorns- our brains sort and store the day’s information, this process is used to

categorise what is to be kept in the long-term memory and what is to be forgotten.  

Sleep and concentration are linked. It is not rocket science when you think about it, if

you give your body and mind time to relax and process things then your brain would

be refreshed therefore being able to concentrate and apply itself 100%. This means

that sleep deprivation would have a detrimental impact on our cognition (how we


Continuously being sleep deprived is linked to risks of developing depression. One

reason to this may be that your brain is getting overwhelmed therefore the slightest

change in situations can lead to stress and anxiety. 

Sleep deprivation is linked to social awkwardness, what this means is that you are

too tired to interact with others, which could ruin your relationships with them.

According to one study done by “Health line (2020)” those with sleep deprivation had

slow reaction times, they were unable to understand situations or even read them-

as if they were tipsy.

If your mind is happy then you will be happy. 

So Kingsburians, get some good sleep, do not go to bed too late, it is one of the

most important things you can do for your well being.




Be Active: Stay In Work 0ut /5 Ways to Wellbeing




KHS Summer Challenge

What is the ‘KHS Summer Challenge’?

The ‘KHS Summer Challenge Is open to all students from Year 7 to Year 9.The challenge involves 12 tasks aimed to stretch and engage students academically and creatively. Tasks have been created to ensure choice and scope so that individual learners can investigate and research topics of personal interest in a variety of different formats.

See attached to the email for tasks 

How many tasks do I have to complete?

The challenge is optional and students can complete as many tasks as they want in whatever order they like. This means you could start by completing Task 12 or simply focus on the tasks that really interest you as a learner! You can spend as much time on each task as you like from now until Wednesday 2nd September 2020. This is to give you flexibility whilst completing other schoolwork.

How do I enter?

1.      Email Ms. Williams at request access to the ‘KHS Summer Challenge’ Google Classroom

2.      Accept the invite to the Google Classroom titled ‘KHS Summer Challenge’

3.      Pick a task to complete first, start researching and creating

4.      Once you’ve completed the task up-load the evidence to Google Classroom


Who do I speak to if I have any questions about the ‘KHS Summer Challenge’?

Email any questions, comments or concerns to Ms. Williams at


Will there be a reward for my participation?

All those who participate will be given a certificate acknowledging their hard work. This certificate will be awarded by the Head Teacher at a future date. The certificates will be levelled according to the quantity and quality of the work completed.

-          Bronze Award  – 1+  tasks completed to an excellent standard

-          Silver Award – 4+ tasks completed to an excellent standard

-          Gold Award  – 7+ tasks completed to an excellent standard

You should track your progress in the challenge by using the KHS Summer Challenge Log. This Log will also be submitted to Google Classroom by Wednesday 2nd September 2020.


Good luck