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High School


We have a tutorial and assembly programme which deals with a range of issues including mental health and coping with stress as well as preparing you for life beyond sixth form.


We have a wonderful café exclusively for sixth form students so please look after it. We like students relaxing in there and working. Please avoid playing your own music and disturbing others.



Sixth Form Team

Our team is always here to support you. Our Year Leader, Mrs Mohan, will pay close attention to your attendance and welfare. Students call in regularly to talk over issues so there is a genuine commitment to looking after all our sixth form students.


It is important to us that you perform well on your course but you also have key moments in which you all come together and have fun. The Sixth Form Cabaret has been running every year for at least 35 years every Christmas time and is an amazing event you will always remember.





Leavers’ Assembly

Our fun Leavers Assembly in May finishes with a Sixth Form Social where you can say your goodbyes. The fact that we always have such a high participation and both events shows how much students have enjoyed being together on the journey through sixth form.


We have a full-time counsellor to whom you can self-refer or speak to the Year Leader to contact Ms Zar.


We continue to liaise with our Safeguarding Team where there are serious cases of vulnerability, even in the sixth form.

Study Room

We have a large study room which is open 8.00am – 5.00pm, supervised throughout the day and sometimes later than 5pm. The study room may also be available as a supervised resource for revision purposes (see ‘Revision over Holidays’ below).

Mental Health

Assemblies - our assemblies tackle issues such as sleep, depression and happiness, mindfulness

Tutor time – follow up on the issues in assembly so you have a chance to talk things over

Talks – we schedule talks by outside speakers which develop the wider person such as ‘Stand Against Hate’

Excel days – some of our extended learning days have offered self-defence classes, mindfulness, cooking for yourself at university, copying with anxiety

Treat – we try to offer the occasional treat when exams are getting stressful so you know we are aware of what you are going through

Gym & sport & knitting – being active can help with mental health so join our free gym, play badminton at lunchtime or after school every Friday and maybe join knitting club just to switch off for a while!

Attendance Monitoring

We look carefully at attendance as that is sometimes a sign that things can be going wrong if you miss lessons and we will work out a way of supporting you to meet the expectations.

ID Access

Every sixth former has an ID card to access the Sixth Form entry/exit. This provides you with some freedom to come and go when you don’t have lessons and it keeps the environment safe from intruders.

Holiday Revision

We know some students find it hard to study at home over the holidays so we aim to open the supervised study room over Easter and May half term.


Extra time and medical notes are still dealt with by a caring and dedicated exams team.


We have a large cohort of former students who return to support you at the beginning and throughout year 12 whether it be inspiring you to think about your choice of career or helping you with your personal statement, the alumni are an amazing source of support.