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High School


Although Latin is referred as to a “dead language”, it is, in fact, very much “alive” in our everyday lives.  At least 60% of words in the English language are derived from Latin and every European language has been influenced by it to some extent.  Latin not only increases linguistic awareness and helps the understanding and usage of the English language, but promotes precise analysis and logical thinking because of its grammatical framework.  

During the Foundation stage of the Kingsbury Curriculum (Years 7 and 8), some students have the opportunity to study an hour a week of Latin in addition to one of three modern languages (Spanish, French or German). During this time students gain a good understanding of phonics and learn vocabulary from a range of topics. They also acquire the basics of grammar and develop skills for effective language learning as well as learning civilization and customs of the Roman world. Students are set homework once a week.

Although not currently a GCSE Option, students obtain achievement certificates as they complete different stages of the courses.