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High School

The fundamental aim of the MFL Faculty is to provide each student with a sound understanding of the basics of the target language and culture relative to their ability. This is achieved through high expectations of work and behaviour from all our students and staff, a rigorous learning process and an exciting curriculum.

During the Foundation stage of the Kingsbury Curriculum (Years 7 and 8), students study one of three languages (Spanish, French or German), depending on their form group. They gain a good understanding of phonics and learn vocabulary from a range of topics. They also acquire the basics of grammar and develop skills for effective language learning through the development of language learning strategies, embedded in the curriculum. Students are set homework once a week in the foundation stage, with a great emphasis on vocabulary learning.

In the Examination stage, (Year 9, 10 & 11) students continue to study vocabulary from a range of topics, including more specialised vocabulary needed for the GCSE examination. They continue to develop their understanding of grammar and begin to focus on the specific skills needed to succeed in the GCSE course. Language learning and examination strategies continue to be a focus in lessons and homework is set twice a week. Students also have the chance to participate in our very popular residential trips as part of our Excel Day programme, a great opportunity for them to have first-hand experience of the target language culture and customs and to practice the language they have been learning since Year 7.

Languages is also offered at the Advanced Stage of the curriculum.