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High School

Kingsbury Guarantee and Graduation (Years 7 & 8)

During the Foundation Stage:

Students engage in a broad range of experiences which help them develop as young individuals with an appreciation of Modern British Values through completing the Kingsbury Guarantee.

Students are guaranteed the opportunity to participate in 36 activities which are split into six sections.

These sections are:

  1. Personal development and increasing responsibility
  2. Take advantage of enrichment opportunities
  3. Make a contribution to the community
  4. Be involved in the wider life of the school
  5. Literacy and Communication
  6. Participation 

What does the Guarantee do for our students?

  • Enriches and extends the opportunities
  • Adds character
  • Develops the skills and attributes needed to be successful both inside and outside of school.

At the end of the Foundation Stage:

The pinnacle of the Foundation stage is graduation and the Graduation Ceremony where students are recognised for their achievements.

Students graduate at different tiers according to how well they have met the criteria we set for graduating. The Highest accolade being Graduate Distinction.

Students are assessed on the following areas:

These competencies are:

  1. Attendance
  2. Punctuality
  3. Attitude to Learning
  4. Academic Progress
  5. Rewards
  6. Extended Projects
  7. Competencies logged on unifrog