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High School

Kingsbury Commitment (Year 9)


During the Foundation Stage students completed a journey of discovery and began to develop aspirations of what they except to achieve.   Ahead of their transition to the Upper School and the final few years of their GCSEs and vocational courses, students embark on the Commitment Stage to ensure they commit to achieving their full potential.

The Commitment:

  • Students have good attendance (good attendance is considered 96% +).
  • Students have a good level across the Attitude to Learning scores.
  • Students reach their academic progress targets and actively take part in any intervention that is identified if they are falling behind.
  • Students develop academic skills so that they are ready to accelerate and achieve in the final two years of the Examination Stage.

Further Commitment:

Additionally, students will be expected to develop their emotional intelligence skills, by providing evidence in the following categories:

  • Personal Commitment
  • Team Commitment
  • Community