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High School

Senior Leadership Team


Alex Thomas 

Head of School, Tylers Croft (Lower School)

Anton McLean

Head of School, Kingsbury (Upper School)

Rachelle Regan

Director of Finance & Business

Stephen Moore

Assistant Headteacher, Director of Post 16

Michael Senior 

Assistant Headteacher, Lower School

Atul Patel 

Assistant Headteacher, Lower School

Cresta Hurt

Assistant Headteacher, Upper School

Chris Dias

Associate Assistant Headteacher

David Cumbers

Associate Assistant Headteacher

Jennifer Kincaid

Associate Assistant Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Sarah Purtill

Associate Assistant Headteacher

Nathan Jenkins

Faculty Leaders

Head of English

Jessica Hunter 

Head of Maths & Business

Adwoa Mpiani-Brobbe

Head of Science

Roberto Perini

Head of Humanities

Leanne Moses

Head of Languages

Ana Mesa Masa

Head of Art & Technology

Jennifer Kincaid

Head of Physical Education, Expressive Arts & Extended Learning

Lucy McNeil

Head of Inclusion

Tom Mann

Head of Student Development

Sarah Purtill

Stage Teams

Stage Leader: Foundation Stage 

Gary Froy

Year 7 Leader

Benjamin Desmond

Year 8 Leader

Michelle Prince


Stage Leader: Examination Stage (Lower School)

Chris Gibson

Year 9 Leader

Ella Powell


Stage Leader: Examination Stage (Upper School)

Sandip Das

Year 10 Leader

Jermaine Hamilton

Year 11 Leader

Helen Snow


Head of Sixth Form

Julia Hollingworth

Sixth Form Leader

Shamaladevi Mohanakumar

Pastoral Team

Head of Student Development & Designated Safeguarding Lead

Sarah Purtill

Deputy Head of Student Development & Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Alexander Yeung 

Associate Head of Student Development Faculty

Catrin Williams

Behaviour for Learning Manager

Olatunde Kolarin

Behaviour for Learning Officer

Ahmed Ahmed

Behaviour for Learning Officer

Adam Hamdoun

School Counsellor

Caron Zar

School Mentor

Howard Barnett

Medical Officer (Lower School)

Elizabeth Bonn

Medical Officer (Upper School)

Karen Thomas

Attendance Officer

Annette Lee


Human Resources Manager

Sonia Bellot

Finance Manager

Raksha Hirji

Facilities Manager

Dean Bolton

IT & Communications Manager

Samiullah Khan

Data Manager

Christopher Brady

Exams Officer