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High School

Inclusion & SEN

Welcome to Kingsbury High School (KHS) Total Communication Resource (TCR).  The TCR is funded by the Local Authority. It is the only provision for deaf learners in Brent based in an Academy within a mainstream secondary school.

The TCR at Kingsbury High School

  • is an integral part of Kingsbury High School
  • being based in Tylers Lower School enables your child to feel included and fully participate in the life of the school
  • is a welcoming environment where your child can feel happy and safe
  • recognises that your child needs to develop social skills, have good levels of self-esteem and confidence, and develop a positive self-identity
  • believes that your child is a valued member of the school community
  • is a base of support with specialist staff and tailored resources to meet your child’s needs
  • can give your child the opportunity to develop new skills, concepts and vocabulary that can be a bridge towards making realistic progress to reach his/her full potential
  • understands that given the appropriate support, your child can move successfully on to Further Education and/or employment
  • believes that given the right nurturing your child can become equally valued and respected members of society

‘‘We are really proud of our provision to support students who are hearing 
impaired.  The students work 
collaboratively with the specialist staff and they are an important part of our school community.’’ 

Alex Thomas

The TCR has a capacity of 8 places. It caters for your child if he/she has an Educational Health Care Plan. This plan would identify your child with a permanent hearing loss in the range of moderate to profound. Your child’s hearing loss would also be the main rationale that impacts on his/her ability to access areas of learning. To minimise this impact, the TCR will ensure effective collaboration with mainstream staff in school, outreach support including multi-professional staff alongside you as parent/carer.   

The TCR in Partnership

 In partnership with all those who have a vested interest in your child’s future, the TCR aim to:

  • deliver specialist support, advice and training to subject teachers, TAs and auxiliary staff
  •  promote effective teaching and learning of deaf students through target setting with speech and Language Therapist (SaLT), parent/carers, and mainstream teachers
  • liaise with primary feeder schools and Further Education and training to ensure a smooth transition into secondary education and beyond
  • provide valuable support to mainstream teachers to ensure that the curriculum is accessible and differentiated
  • create links with deaf charities and organisations
  • embed a positive self-image and cohesive community approach for your child.
  • plan and set targets with the speech and language therapist (SaLT)
  • ensure with help from a careers adviser, that you and your child are clear and realistic about the choices made at each transition stage
  • take feedback from all parent/carers at EHCP Review meetings and use this to inform future development the provisions policies and plans


The TCR acknowledges that part of your child’s time at KHS will be spent developing independent life skills. S/he will have the opportunity to participate in the school and wider community. The aim is to set high expectations across the curriculum from the start. This can be seen through activities on site and outside of school, such as Step into Sports Leadership and Debate Club. Your child is given the opportunity to be a leader and role model for deaf and hearing impaired learners from local and far reaching feeder schools. 

The TCR Setting High Expectations

To facilitate this the TCR:  

  • believes that your child’s progress should be at least be in line with learners of similar ability
  • reinforces the school’s culture and ethos of inclusion and achievement of your child through its graduation ceremonies.
  • rigorously monitors your child’s progress
  • strives to ensure your child’s progress is at least in line with hearing pupils of similar ability
  • supports your child’s successful completion of personalised
  • ensures your child is learning in environments where optimum acoustic adaptations have been made
  • encourages your child to learn how to successfully communicate with hearing as well as deaf and hearing impaired peers.
  • has the three pinnacles: Achieve, Aspire and Include as the cornerstone of its practice

The TCR is a specialist provision that caters for your child whose preferred communication may encompass a range of methods. This can include speech, signed English; sign supported English and British Sign Language. The TCR understands that barriers to communication, learning and information can be replaced with cohesion and accessibility. This can be facilitated through deaf awareness training for staff and students. It can also promote positive social emotional health and well being.

The TCR and Inclusion

There is a whole school commitment to Inclusion.

Your child will:

  • have co-ordinated planning to ensure he/she is taught and supported in the mainstream
  • also withdrawn to the TCR for 1:1 or small group pre and post tutoring support.
  • be supported by a teacher of the deaf (ToD), Communication Support Workers (CSW) and a Learning Support Assistant (LSA).
  • have language based work of the curriculum modified so s/he can access learning at age appropriate levels
  • participate in creating a personalised learning plan with set targets
  • receive assistive technology to access the instruction of the classroom and assemblies
  • be supported by a speech and language therapist to facilitate communication and access learning
  • have access to his/her preferred mode of communication in lessons, assemblies and during form time: Start the Day Right (StDR)
  • have the opportunity to use designated quiet space during lunch breaks times


‘‘The TCR at Kingsbury High School gives young people an excellent 
opportunity to learn according to their needs in a supportive and inclusive 
environment. We ensure that attention is given to students’ communication, social, emotional and academic needs to ensure
that they progress to achieve their best’’ 

Thomas Mann
Head of Inclusion