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High School

Head Boy & Girl Welcome

Andrei Roman

Head Boy  2019-2020

Kingsbury High School has been the place where I have managed to thrive and persevere as an individual, always celebrating the positives but also learning how to actually improve and move past the negatives. The only reason I am the person I am today is because of the way in which this school has managed to shape me as an individual.

KHS has been the place where I have managed to move past so many insecurities I had, like being petrified speak in front of an assembly, or even being scared to ask a teacher something just because I would feel stupid. Kingsbury High School has showed me that this is never the case, and that it is always possible to overcome everything, as long as you have a loving atmosphere around you with people that always bring you up. The teachers here have showed me that no matter how much a result might put you down, or someone's low expectation disappoint you, you can always pick yourself back up and succeed. This school has never made me feel like there was a limit to how high I can achieve, and has showed me that the only way to succeed, is through hard work and determination.

This school has a way to actually cater to every single individual that comes here. Sporting activities like afterschool clubs, teacher vs. student tournaments or even sporting leadership is to the taste of many, but our school also offers other opportunities like debating, art and sign languages club; or even speeches from people of all social and political backgrounds. I have participated in these activities too, attending clubs like debate, badminton and art club, or currently taking part in the Higher Sport Leadership Award (HSLA) qualification. Helping out with school events, or just asking my teachers for help after lessons, have all lead me to be the person I am today.

Duvina Toolsee

Head Girl 2019-2020

I can definitely say that the decision of joining Kingsbury High 6 years ago has probably been my wisest. Kingsbury has shaped me into becoming the person I am today and I couldn’t be prouder of all the things that I have been able to achieve. The consistent amount of opportunities provided for me over the years as well as the constant support from teachers is unmatched. The motivation for success is apparent in all students where we are constantly encouraged to reach our full potential.

The choices of extracurricular activities are immense to which it often leads to cases of students finding themselves over subscribed. I was a member of multiple sports teams during secondary school including Netball, Rounders and Athletics which greatly improved my team working skills as well as my overall sporting ability. There are also opportunities to take part in more academic extra-curricular activities, including the debating society and the EPQ. I was honoured to be the managing director of my years Young Enterprise team to which we were incredibly successful. Here I was able to develop my skills in delegation as well as what it took to be an effective leader. All these activities help make for an attractive personal statement which the Sixth Form are so supportive of in helping us build. We as individuals are encouraged by our teachers to participate in activities, we would not have necessarily considered in order to expand our knowledge and experiences.

The friendships made at Kingsbury really help make your journey all the more worthwhile. The friends I made along my 6 years I now consider family and my journey would not have been the same without them. Kingsbury really ensure that each student leave their doors with an experience as well as the grades that will ready them for their future. I am delighted to be a part of that legacy.