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High School

Head Boy & Girl Welcome

Lucas Cochrane - Head Boy 2018-2019

After having spent the last six years at Kingsbury High School, I am sure that I made the right decision for me in coming here over my other choices. The support and care given by the teachers is unparalleled by any other of my friends' schools. The atmosphere is enviable as students are supportive of each other, looking out for one another, all in the spirit of the school.

The choices of extracurricular activities are extensive to the point that students can occasionally find themselves oversubscribed and have to take back some of their joining decisions in order to make more time for their studies. I took part in DofE bronze and DofE gold, both of which strengthened my teamwork skills hugely and pushed me to the limits of my physicality. There are also more academic extra curricular activities, such as EPQ in the sixth form or our consistently successful Young Enterprise team. There are also support classes during lunchtime for most subjects and even in the subjects where there aren’t, I have always found my teachers willing to give up some of their lunchtime or a free period to help me with a concept or question that I may be having trouble with.

I have also experienced the wonderful outgoing attitudes of students in older years, if ever I was struggling with something, I could always rely on a member of an older year group to not only help me towards the answer I’m looking for, but to do so while being understanding of my situation and treat me without judgement.

I find that not only have I made the right decision by joining Kingsbury High School, I feel that KHS has made the right decisions for me in order to maximise my potential and help me achieve my aspirations for the future.

Jumana Elsheikh Ali - Head Girl 2018-2019

My experience at this school was one big accomplishment and I can’t imagine how I would be now if I did not attend this amazing school. I have only been able to reach this position through the countless opportunities this school has provided. I spent most of my free time in dance clubs, rehearsing for concerts, competitions and productions. This is where I found my confidence and gladly showed it to others.

This is also where I established that I can socialise and that I am not completely socially awkward. This, however, would not have happened if it wasn’t for the teachers dedicating their time and effort outside of school hours. The teachers in this school do the most to meet the needs of students and always encourage inquisitiveness. They not only focus on academia but highlight importance of extra curricular activities where students are able to develop essential skills such as communicating, leading and working in a team, all of which I accomplished in organised societies and courses such as the higher sports leadership award, the debating society and Duke of Edinburgh.

This school offers something for everyone and proudly distinguishes itself as diverse as we have different individuals coming together to demonstrate our PRIDE values. The continuous support provided by the staff of the school is reinforced through our alumni programme where students can still be contacted after their journey in this flourishing ride. Evidently, Kingsbury High School grants success and encourages every student to grab theirs which is why I proudly state Kingsbury High School as my second home and the people in it as my family.