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High School


As the largest economy in Europe, German is a crucial foreign language required for jobs in the UK. Germany has currently the highest levels of employment within Europe. With the globally prestigious reputation of German design and engineering, the UK has extensive business links with Germany and employers in this country are certainly looking for people who can speak German. Germany has been and is still at the forefront of technological, scientific and automotive advancements. German remains the language with the most native speakers in Europe and lots of words of German origin are part of the English language e.g. "kindergarten".

During the years of Examination (Years 10-11), students will prepare for the AQA German GCSE linear specification.  Assessment at the examination stage takes place through 4 modules: Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. Listening (25%)  Reading (25%), Speaking (25%) and Writing (25%) are assessed by final examination. 

In the Sixth Form students prepare for the AQA A-level in German. Through the study of various aspects of modern life and current issues, using the medium of the German language, students deepen their knowledge of the language and culture of German-speaking countries and learn to express their views, both verbally and in written form, clearly and confidently.