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High School

Evening Classes

On Monday evenings during term time, KHS provides courses for adult learners.

The subjects include ICT for Beginners and Intermediate Computing. These are offered free of charge and held in an informal manner conducive to learning, particularly for those with little or no previous experience with computers.

Varied sections of the local community have attended these classes over the years. These have included senior citizens, KHS parents, skilled and semi-skilled workers, businessmen, unemployed, new and old immigrant groups, school leavers and members of the school staff.

Every attempt is made to point out that there is no stigma attached to the fact that many in the community - especially the older generation - may have had little dealing with modern technology and, to them, some of the concepts taken for granted by our school students, may initially be difficult to grasp. It is a joy to see the progress made by the adult students in overcoming their difficulties.

In their small way, these courses can be life changing for some, one example being someone with little knowledge of English who, within a few months of attending these classes, and through confidence gained via social interchange and her newly gained computer skills, was emailing around the world to chart her family tree and handling all aspects of arranging a travel group of 20 via the internet!


Call Maria Molina on 020 8206 3000 for more information.