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Media Studies

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The media plays a central role in society today with no individual, industry or company being untouched. The media shapes our perceptions of the world and has a real relevance and importance in our lives today. The economic importance of the media is also unquestionable - media industries employ large numbers of people worldwide and operate on global scales. However, the media industries are not the only global companies relying on a media presence as every successful company, institution or individual needs a media profile. Studying Media will allow students to unravel and delve deep into the real world of the media and explore how things actually work and influence people and society.


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You want to find out why and how the media affects every part of our lives, playing a central role in contemporary culture, society and politics. The media shapes our perceptions of the world through the representations, ideas and points of view they offer and directly affects the world we all live in. Understanding how the media construct the world we live in and to analyse the effects is why it is important to study this subject.

Future career / further education options...

Every company, organisation and business needs a media image and this is why the media sector is a dynamic, growing and rewarding sector to work in, with new opportunities continually arising. The media sector is now worth over £84 billion per year to the UK economy and has a huge variety of career paths, from working in TV and Broadcasting, Film, Publishing, Web and Games Developing etc to being the creator of a media image for any business, company or organisation. Therefore, Media qualifications are highly regarded in various non-media related avenues too.


  Component 1 Component 2 Component 3
Name: Exploring the media Understanding media forms and products Creating media products
Assessment: Exam Exam Non-exam assessment
Weighting: 40% of GCSE 30% of GCSE 30% of GCSE


Students in Years 10 and 11 are encouraged to take part in the Debating Club to gain a deeper understanding of societal issues and political ideologies that have a great influence on the media.

Trips to film festivals and local independent cinema are run for Sixth Form.