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An art education is fundamental to anyone's learning and an important and integral part of Kingsbury's curriculum. The sheer joy of making is in itself a pleasure we can all enjoy. Learning through and about the arts enriches the experience of studying while at school as well as preparing students for life after school. Art encourages self-expression and creativity and can build confidence as well as a sense of individual identity. Creativity can also help with wellbeing and improving health and studying art also helps to develop critical thinking and the ability to interpret the world around us.


Exam Qualifications

Year 9 Options

Choose this subject if...

  • You enjoy project-based learning and want to develop creative and practical skills.
  • You want to become a creative thinker – finding imaginative solutions to problems. Employers in all careers look favourably on creative thinking.
  • You enjoy and aspect of creativity: designing products, clothing design, architecture, TV, film, drawing, painting, ceramics, photography, sculpture and more.
  • You want to follow your passions and work independently on your own Art & Design projects.
  • You want a good qualification that you enjoy studying.

Future career / further education options...

  • We have three very successful and exciting courses in the sixth form, Art & Design A-Level, Photography A-Level and BTEC Art & Design for students who wish to study Art further.
  • Most recently students from GCSE and Sixth Form have gone on to study Architecture degree, Foundation Courses at University, Film Directing Degrees, Fine Art Degrees as well as a Fashion Degree at Central St. Martins.
  • Future careers could include – web designer, stylists, editors, graphic novel illustrator, product designer, photographer, architect, professional artist, set designer, director, director of photography, special effects artist, graphic designer, product designer, inventor, run and manage your own business, entrepreneur, teacher, visual merchandiser, producer, marketing, TV, film, prop designer, game designer and many more…


  Component 1 Component 2
Name: Portfolio Externally set assignment
Assessment: Coursework Exam
Weighting: 60% of GCSE 40% of GCSE


Cross-curricular link with STEM based subjects through knowledge and understanding. 

  • Career presentations 
  • Sixth Form Mentors
  • Lunch Time Clubs
  • After School Intervention
  • Subject Specific Trips