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As a department of dedicated and experienced subject specialists we offer Economics A-Level. We take pride in our commitment to keeping up-to-date with the fast-changing global, economic environment, which enables relevant context embedded within the curriculum. This provides students with access to a knowledge rich Economics curriculum which is differentiated to meet learning needs and styles.

We aim to deliver a Key Stage 5 curriculum that stretches students to think critically and evaluate different decisions taken by different governments around the world. With the knowledge developed and retained, students are encouraged to make informed decisions in relation to different economic contexts and scenarios. This builds confidence in students and gives them an insight into real world decision-making, which they are likely to use in their future working life.

Throughout the two-year course, we challenge our students to think sensitively and carefully about economic issues faced by some of the poorest economies and the influences on these economies. Ethics and morals are an important part of economics and we explore the concepts surrounding the decisions governments make in relation to economic problems, trying to balance finite resources with infinite demand. This builds a moral compass within students and in turn will hopefully help students approach social, moral, and cultural decisions in an ethical and sympathetic way.

There is a focus on interpreting data throughout the course in economics. The interpretation of key economic data, supply and demand graphs along with many aspects of business financial data is significant in understanding the concept of economics. These skills are invaluable for future careers and make students highly employable in later life. The cross-curricular content builds strength in mathematics and statistical understanding, which helps to improve the understanding of concepts taught across maths and economics

Studying economics at A-Level gives students a high level of mathematical and statistical skills and the ability to apply economic concepts and models to problems in business, finance, and the public sector. Economics helps students to think strategically and to optimise the outcome. The knowledge and skills taught in this subject are highly transferable and apply to many job roles. It is also an exciting time to be studying economics, with so many global changes, divided opinion and economic challenges. The course will give students a real insight into the working world around us, and prepare them for a future in which they can be the change.