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Business Studies

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It is the vision of the Business Department to provide opportunities through a rigorous curriculum to develop commercial minded and enterprising individuals. Business Studies should enable students to know about entrepreneurs and understand what makes a successful entrepreneur.  It aims to develop an awareness of their enterprise capabilities so that they are able to consider owning their own business as an alternative career path should they wish to. We also aim to equip students with the employability skills needed for the changing world of work and entrepreneurship especially with the ever-changing economic and social environment. We intend to do this by giving students the opportunity to meet with adults other than teachers to have real life examples and knowledge about business in the real world, therefore challenging and enriching students’ vocational opportunities. The Business curriculum develops knowledge and understanding of business and economic concepts and terms as well as their role in business and as a wider part of society and the economy. In addition to learning about business theory and calculations, pupils will be required to consider the health, social, moral and ethical issues surrounding business decisions and the impact that businesses can have on a wide range of stakeholders. By reading widely around the subject in newspapers and magazines, as well as watching business related television programmes, we aim to develop students' interest in current business and economic affairs.

The Business Studies curriculum at Kingsbury High is carefully designed to empower students with the knowledge and skills essential for navigating the business-driven world we inhabit. Specifically crafted for Key Stage 4, it not only prepares students for academic and vocational Level 3 courses but also caters to those aspiring to kickstart their careers through business apprenticeships. At Key Stage 5, our curriculum focuses on developing reflective, engaging, and well-rounded individuals, ensuring they are well-prepared for their next steps, whether it be higher education, apprenticeships, or entering the workforce. With both A Level and BTEC routes available, our curriculum is structured to accommodate students with diverse academic strengths, providing an inclusive platform for mastering this dynamic and innovative subject.

The Business curriculum is planned to develop knowledge and understanding of financial literacy. Students have opportunities to develop their financial awareness and to master the skills needed to analyse and interpret financial documents. The department has a clear plan for what pupils should know and be able to do in Business by the end of Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5. Students are expected to be able to talk and write knowledgeably about business, enterprise and the economy, using subject specific language accurately and confidently. They should be able to utilise business specific skills such as making links between different units of work; analysing and interpreting business case studies and understanding financial information and language.


Exam Qualifications

Year 9 Options

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you have a genuine interest and passion for Business Studies, alongside possessing good numerical and written skills.

Future career / further education options...

GCSE Business provides a strong foundation for employment, with students progressing, with further training to a wide range of careers training such as banking, sales, product management and general management.   The knowledge and skills gained from GCSE Business support students’ entry into employment or other training in specific aspects of business, such as apprenticeships and vocational qualifications which focus on more specialised business areas.


Content Overview Assessment Overview
  • Business Activity
  • Marketing 
  • People

Business 1: business activity, marketing and people (01)

80 marks

1hr 30mins paper

50% of total GCSE
  • Operations
  • Finance
  • Influences on business
  • The interdependent nature of business

Business 2: operations, finance and influences on business (02)*

80 marks

1hr 30mins paper

50% of total GCSE


At KS4, we offer a Business Studies revision club, whereby we offer additional help and support to students.

At KS5, students attend Tutor2u revision workshops, where they receive further specific exam technique and essential revision material. 

Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise is offered as an enrichment programme at Kingsbury Sixth Form. Participating in Young Enterprise enables our students to develop the life skills, knowledge and confidence they need to succeed in the changing world of work. Student participation with the activities promotes personal development and provides evidence of extra-curricular engagement, supporting their employment and high education choices.

Our students can gain first-hand experience of business and entrepreneurship by setting up and running their own companies and producing and selling goods and services, both inside and outside of school.