England Vs Italy Trip

England Vs Italy Trip
18th Oct 2023

On 17th of October we took our Year 10 & 11 Football team to watch England Vs Italy at Wembley Stadium, where we celebrated a 3-1 victory as England qualified for the 2024 Euros.

This was thanks to Ballistic Ballers which is a voluntary organisation that encourages football opportunities and workshops within Schools around London.

Staff that kindly took up their time to take the students: Gary Froy (GFR), Samuel Wheeler (SWH), Dil Teli (DTE) and Malaika Sirer (MSI).

Year 10 Football Team

  • Hasanayn C
  • Arafat A
  • Akash K
  • Anas K
  • Lewis O'C
  • Utsav G
  • Marley N D
  • Mehdi A-Y
  • Yousef H
  • Mario S
  • Micah T
  • Aarsh A

Year 11 Football Team

  • Krishna P
  • Gabriele C R
  • Niculai R
  • Hamza Z
  • Darwaish A
  • Adnan Q
  • Shiv P P
  • Navid T
  • Rayan A
  • Raheem L
  • Avinav K
  • Mahmoud E J