Saracens Go Forward Half Term Camp

Saracens Go Forward Half Term Camp
31st Oct 2023

Kingsbury High are fortunate to work with Saracens Go Forward Foundation who support students to enhance school engagement, positive behaviour; and ultimately improve their personal and academic performance within school. During half term they ran a ‘Go Forward’ camp at school for Year 7 students aimed at team building, growing confidence and enhancing sporting skills. The students who took part thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

"I enjoyed meeting and socialising with people that I usually would on a normal school day. Something I have learnt during the 3 days that we were there is that you should get used to meeting new people and also that at first I thought that I wasn't going to have fun and enjoy myself because none of my close friends were going to be there and that there were only going to be random people that I didn't know but on the very first day I made like 5 new people that I never would've spoken to if it wasn't for me going to this club\camp I wouldn't of been able to meet the people that I meet during this program and therefore I recommend for other students to participate in this specific program". - Naimah- 7U

"I enjoyed football on Wednesday, as it was fun. I learnt how to work more as a team. Yes, I would do it again". - Hadi- 7S

"I enjoyed hanging out with my friends the most, it made me good memories. I learnt that when you play football you need to have control over the ball so you don't lose control and it goes to the other team. I would most definitely go to a camp like this again". - Adelina- 7Y

"Tuesday to Thursday was so much fun! During those days, we had Saracens staff come over and do a camp which was just 10 am - 3 pm and we did amazing sports and had so much fun! The sports we did were dodgeball, football, basketball, cricket, Swedish longball, and Go- carts. The most fun sport we did was dodgeball because it was super fun and it was my favourite sport! As well as that, it was so fun learning different types of sports like for example: basketball and cricket. It was really fun learning it as well! Also, the Saracens camp would let us do sports that we barely would do in school! Other than that, I would want to do it again because of the fun time we had with Saracens coaches and giving us more activities to do over the half-term break!" - Dipenkar - 7Y