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High School


The school’s aim is to recognise, reward and promote positive behaviour.  There are a number of opportunities to reward positive behaviour from students:

Verbal praise

All staff should regularly praise good effort and positive conduct from students

Praise Points (1 point)

Awarded to students for good effort and focus throughout a whole lesson

Clean slates (15 reward points)

Students who do not acquire any consequences in a week achieve a clean slate 

Praise postcards (40 rewards)

Students who have shown consistent excellent effort over a half-term will receive a praise postcard

Form Group of the term

The form group in each year group with the highest number of accumulated points for attendance and achievement will have a special lunch and receive the year group trophy

Form Group of the year

The form group in each year group with the highest number of accumulated points for attendance and achievement go on a reward trip in the summer term


The “C” (consequence) system is used to apply sanctions for breaches of the school’s behaviour policy.





(0 points)

Low-level disruptive behaviour 

A warning is given


(1 point)

Continued disruptive behaviour

A final warning is given


(2 points)

  • Removal from lesson

  • Late to school

  • Late to lesson

  • Incorrect uniform/persistent PE kit issues

  • Failure to complete homework

  • No equipment

  • Walking out of class without permission

  • Walking away from a member of staff

  • Verbal abuse of a student

  • Poor corridor/playground behaviour

  • Breach of PED rules

  • Gambling

  • Littering

  • Hands-on behaviour

  • 4th late in a half-term

  • 5th late in a half-term

This is not an exhaustive list

  • 15 minute detention (lunchtime)

  • 30 minute detention (after school)

  • 45 minute detention (after school)


Any student who acquires 3 or more C2s in one week will be secluded the following week  (or the same week depending on the nature of the misbehaviour):

3-5 C2s = 1 day seclusion

6-9 C2s = 2 days seclusion

10+ C2s = 3 days seclusion


(5 points)

Examples include:

  • Missing a detention

  • 6 or more lates to school

  • Misbehaving in a detention

  • Swearing at a member of staff

  • Swearing in the presence of a member of staff

  • Health & Safety breach

  • Physical assault on a student

  • Damage to school property

  • Persistent poor corridor/playground behaviour

  • Truancy

  • Bullying

  • Racial abuse

  • Fighting

  • Homophobic abuse

  • Sexist abuse

  • SEND abuse

  • Posting/sharing offensive material

  • Possession and or supply of alcohol

  • Smoking

  • Theft

  • Possession of drugs

  • Bringing the school into disrepute

This is not an exhaustive list

  • SLT Detention

  • Isolation

  • Seclusion Room

  • Fixed Term Exclusion

  • Permanent Exclusion


(15 points)

Examples include:

  • Supply or intention to supply drugs

  • Sexual abuse/misconduct

  • Serious physical assault

  • Physical assault on a member of staff

  • Arson

  • Possession of an offensive weapon

  • Sustained and persistent bullying

  • Reaching Behaviour Tier 8

This is not an exhaustive list

  • Serious breaches of the behaviour policy may result in a permanent exclusion


Interventions may include:

  • 1-to-1 mentoring (Form tutor, Year Leader, Stage Leader, Assistant Headteacher, Head of School)

  • Restorative Justice

  • Reports: Positive Focus/Punctuality/Attitude to Learning/ Graduate support plans

  • Teacher and Faculty Review

  • Peer mentoring

  • Temporary timetable reduction 

  • Excel Day intervention groups

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) work

  • Counselling

  • SEND, speech and language skills and social skills investigations and/or referrals

  • Clubs and revision sessions

  • Be Strong Online ambassador training

  • Girls on-board

  • Police Cadets

  • Safeguarding interventions

  • Safer Schools Officer meeting

  • Education Welfare Service


  • Brent Inclusion Team

  • Pastoral Support Plans

  • Youth Offending Team 

  • Governors’ Panel

Early help from Brent 

Ashley college - Brent External medical provision