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High School

Speakers For Schools Talk By Mr Sandy Rattray

The Sixth Form was very fortunate this term to host a talk by Mr Sandy Rattray, the Chief Investment Officer of the Man Group and a pioneer of the use of computing in City hedge funds. The talk was organised in conjunction with the Speakers for Schools organisation.

Sandy explained to the students how hedge funds work, why they should not believe everything they see on Netflix about hedge funds, and the value of coding skills for employees in hedge funds and other industries. He was enthusiastic about the potential for machine learning (or artificial intelligence) and made the point that every employee in Man is encouraged to learn coding skills. He also called for my girls to enter the finance and technology fields.

After a stimulating talk, which included videos and visual explanations of computing processes being applied to trend-spotting for investment purposes, Sandy received several verbal questions from students and staff, and was then surrounded by students at the end of the talk.

We thank Sandy for his time in visiting Kingsbury High School. This was an exciting event that we know has had a clear impact on our students and gave valuable insights to hedge funds, investment and the use of technology that were of benefit and interest to everybody in the study room.