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High School

A massive well done to my netball girls: Olivia 9T, Kayanne 9B, Tiya 9G, Jasmine 9H, Andreea 9B, Ecaterina 9G, Sara 9T, Batul 9T, Zyra 9T, Iman 9C, Tanusha 9N, Agri 9T, Saida 9T and Shriya 9N for competing against schools across the England on Netball Tour. Both teams got into the semi-finals, captain Olivia's team ranking second in their plate and captain Batul's team for ranking third in their plate.

These girls have worked extremely hard since Year 7, dedicating their time and committing to netball training after school. I am so incredibly proud of how far you have all come and won so many games over the weekend. Another huge shout out to Kayanne and Batul for winning the woman of the match, both played exceptionally well and made a huge impact on the games. Again well done to all the girls who competed, it was one of my best memories at Kingsbury.

Written by Ms Mustafa