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High School

Yesterday was Excel Day at KHS. During Excel Day we take all students off their timetable to allow them to take part in a number of workshops, talks, presentations and activities that help them grow as a whole individual and strengthen their core people skills.

One of the projects that took place was the The Groundswell Project for all Year 7 students. Here stories were shared about how people may be brainwashed to follow those with extremist views and the consequences as a result of this. Year 7s also took part in a variety of teambuilding activities that improve key skills such as communication, leadership and teamwork.

Our Year 8s had two thought-provoking talks, one about Safety First where external speakers from the Police, London Fire Brigade and the Local Council delivered topics on knife crime, sexting and road safety.

The second one was Stand Up- Anti-Bullying by Stand Up Education. Student discussed different types of bullying/discrimination, the consequences of it and how to challenge it.

It was a PSHE Day for Year 10 students, external speakers from St. Giles Trust delivered talks to our students about the consequences of being involved in gangs, drugs and crime and how to avoid being in such situations.

Year 13 students enjoyed a Health and Wellbeing Day where the students participated in a variety of activities to improve their physical and mental wellbeing.