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High School

Girls Coding Club

Aleeyah, a KHS Year 12 student, decided to set up an after school girls coding club. A place where girls can get together and learn about technology from a student. We went to meet her and asked her a couple of questions

Why is computing important?

As we have seen with lockdown, everything went online and virtual. The future is based on technological advancements, therefore there will always be a demand for people in computing. 

Why have I chosen to run a club specifically for girls?

Computer science has been a male dominated sector; if computing and technology is shaping the future, it is important that changes are only made based on the male input/ perspective. I wanted to inspire young girls and give them an opportunity to experience an extracurricular that they would never have initially considered. Furthermore, I believe it is important for the girls to see the variety of things they can do in this field, as it is not just “hacking” but can be designing games and software.

What kinds of things are they learning?

First we are starting with a game maker application where I teach them how to make games with multi levels and players. It involves simple coding and learning the three basic coding constructs (sequence, selection and iteration). After building their game I would like to move onto python which consists of pure programming where they can create their own algorithms.