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High School

Careers at Kingsbury High School

Studies show that having a University education means young people are more likely to be able to pursue a career of their choosing, helping them to be motivated and inspired adults. Higher Education can also open doors to higher incomes, better employment benefits, and more advancement opportunities.

Thats why, here at KHS two groups of year 9 and 10 students took part in the UK University and apprenticeship Fair Webinar. There was an enthusiastic buzzz as students explored Universities from Bath to Teeside, UCL to Oxford. We discussed finances, careers, and looked around campuses and Halls of Residence- a very rewarding and exciting afternoon.

All students and parents can access the fair for the next four weeks free of charge, just follow the link below.

Year 9 student "going to university provides many opportunities and advantages such as an increased chance of employment and a higher salary. Also, going to university provides you with many unique experiences and often skills are learnt or developed such as time management and analytical skills."

Year 10 student "Apprenticeships can also provide you with many opportunities as you are able to work and study at the same time. Apprenticeships allow you to become familiar with the industry of a certain job or sector, while also studying for a degree."