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High School

Clean the school project

Small acts make a big difference... On the 6 June, 8B made a small difference to their school environment. Organised by Laura Mihaela Cretu (8B), the Form took part in the " Clean the school project", which consisted of 2 parts: become a more environmental - friendly person and take part in a litter pick in the playground in Tylers'. 

 By taking part in this, the students realised how much litter is carelessly dropped by people of all ages each day. They had fun, while they were helping the environment! Thank you to the best, most-caring form tutor Mr.Jenkins for being incredibly supportive towards the project and Ana Cretu, enthusiastic parent governor/volunteer in the school for originally sponsoring this idea!

This project doesn't only have to relate to 8B... you can make a difference as well by caring for your environment! Don't drop litter and put it in the bin. Our world can be helped by everyone. The planet is everyone's home!

 By Laura Mihaela Cretu 8B