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High School

Peter Jones Tycoon Enterprise Competition

This year three groups in Year 12 entered the Peter Jones Tycoon Enterprise Competition. Firstly, they had to write a comprehensive business plan after coming up with their own business idea. Each group was successful and they were all accepted into the Tycoon competition and they were given a £1000 loan between them by the Peter Jones Foundation. They then had to put together, make, promote and then sell the products with the view to pay back the loan in full and make a profit. Between the three groups they paid back the loan in full and made £715.75 profit. The reason for their success was their hard work, determination and enterprising qualities. 

The groups and what they sold are below:

Hasti, Nia, Alisha: Luna gifts- Eco-friendly gift boxes

Baheej, Frank, Hamza, Uzayr, Kian: Style 2 Wear- Reflective hoodies

Bhavisha, Vriya, Presha, Tiya: Tranquility- Diffusers