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High School

Home Learning

Home learning helps to consolidate what students learn in lessons and is an opportunity to develop research and enquiry skills by working independently on extended activities.

At Kingsbury High we take a flexible approach to home learning. We don’t have a home learning timetable but teachers publish tasks on the Show My Homework website and app so that students and families can see what has been set and when it is due. Our Library and Open Learning Centres are open before and after school so that students have space to work and access to computers and a great selection of resources to support their work.

Of course, our expectation of the amount of time students spend on home learning develops as students go through the school.

Foundation Stage

At the Foundation Stage – Years 7 and  8 – students can expect weekly homework in English, Maths, Science, Languages and Humanities. Students also complete extended homework projects which last for half a term and are rotated between subjects across the year.

Examination Stage

At the Examination Stage (Years 9,  10 and 11), students have regular home learning focused on the needs of their examination courses.

Advanced Stage

In the Sixth Form, students continue to have regular independent learning linked to exam preparation and BTEC coursework. They are also expected to take individual responsibility for organising and reviewing their notes and reading independently around the course. We expect around 6 hours of independent learning per subject during study periods and at home.


Access the Show My Homework website or download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play