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High School

Admission Form

Part 1 : Data Collection

We are delighted to welcome you to Kingsbury High School. We are thrilled that you have chosen to join the Kingsbury community and are looking forward to supporting your son/daughter over the next few years on their journey through the school.

In part 2 of this form you will need a proof of ID for your child, we recommend you have this (a photo or JPEG is ideal) ready before completing the form. This will ease the process for you.

Please note: You will need to submit a separate form for each child who is joining the school.
We recommend you open up the school website page on a second tab in case you need to go back to it for further information.
All questions with an * have to have an answer in order to submit the form.

This form must ONLY be completed if you have been asked to complete it by the KHS Admissions Team - this will not act as an application to the school, all applications to the school MUST be made with your Local Education Authority



Please give details of all persons who have parental responsibility and anyone else you wish to be contacted in an emergency.
Place them in the order that you wish for them to be contacted in an emergency.

Contact 1

Contact 2

Contact 3


Please give details of any brothers and sisters currently attending Kingsbury High School.
This applies to brothers and sisters only and should not include other family members such as cousins, etc.

Sibling 1

Sibling 2

Data Protection Act 1998: The school is registered under the Data Protection Act for holding personal data. The school has a duty to protect this information and to keep it up to date. The school is required to share some of the data with the Local Authority and with the DfE.