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High School

Kingsbury High Summer School – July 2021

We operated our Summer school during the first week of the Summer holidays. Our aim was to develop the literacy, numeracy, teambuilding and social skills of students who were going to join us in Year 7 in September.

We planned for 120 students to attend each day and had 112 confirmed bookings for the Summer school. The Summer school was run by members of the school staff, sixth-form leaders and staff from the Saracens Foundation.

Actual attendance is given below. These numbers are lower than we expected, the main reason for this was that a significant number of students had to self-isolate After receiving a Track and Trace alert.





























All students who attended were given resources to use for the week and keep. This included a stationery set and a reading book of their choice. Students were also given a reusable water bottle. Lunch was provided for students as well as food at breaktime.

Activities undertaken during the week:


In the first lesson students focused on writing and performing a poem on their own or in pairs. The aim was to learn some new things about each other, encourage and cheer each other on but most importantly to have fun! By the end of the lesson the students had read or listened to a variety of poems (Love cuts, Chocolate cake and Poetry Jumps Out) and wrote their own poem about their likes, dislikes or a story about them. They then performed their poem to the group and the group got to know more about each other.

In their second lesson students wrote letters to their new form tutors to introduce themselves and share what they would like their tutor to know about them. This will allow them to help and support students as they begin their new journey at Kingsbury High School. Students filled in a plan worksheet of what their form tutor would like to know about them. Their letters will now be delivered to their tutors at the start of September.

Their final lesson gave students the opportunity to utilise and engage their literacy, numeracy, peer work and creative thinking skills. The lessons take shape as a Superhero and Monster Builder lesson. In the Monster Builder lesson students were introduced to the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur through an extract. This was then developed and used as a springboard to create their own monster. Monster creation involves finite options (points for head. arms etc.) that they have to calculate in order to get to a predetermined number (160). Once complete students were then asked to illustrate and write a creative description. In the Superhero lesson students engaged with origin stories and developed their own character through creative writing.


Students worked in teams on their mental maths skills as they were provided with a number of problems to solve. The aim was to get students talking to each other and to verbalise their working out. This allowed them to gain help from their peers if some of their calculations were not correct. We also wanted them to learn how to problem solve without the help of an adult to enable them to become independent learners.


The aims of the lessons were to learn key conversational vocabulary in Spanish while having fun. The main aim was to make students love Spanish and languages in general and hopefully they will be looking forward to their lessons in September. The outcomes were to build their confidence when speaking Spanish and most importantly to build their team skills by working collaboratively in order to complete a series of activities in the classroom but also outdoors.


The aim was to encourage the students to explore the keyboard and its various functions. Teaching them the notes on the keyboard and how to find them. Following a specified-criteria to compose their own piece of music in their pairs and to perform it to the rest of the group. We hoped to encourage every student to discover a love for music through the simple but interesting tool of the keyboard, which they all did as they loved discovering the different sound effects etc. We also wanted students to work successfully in their pairs, working collaboratively to compose a unique piece of music on a specific theme to tell a story. They did this well and all of them were able to both perform to the group and evaluate their own work and each other's work, offering both good and constructive feedback to each other. They all had to explain why they chose specific sound effects and they learnt the musical terms: rhythm, pitch and volume and used these correctly.


During the week students were introduced to a range of sports including cricket, rugby, football, rounders, dodgeball and basketball. The aims of the lessons were to help students develop teamwork skills and the confidence to try new things which is a vital life skill. They were encouraged to create tactics as a team and understand that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses which need to be utilised to make a successful team. Students learned that being able to work in a team is an important skill at Kingsbury High School and that they need to be able to work in many different teams such as their classes and their form group in order to be a success at school.


Students had to collect a range of images and words that represented them. This allowed them to begin considering how they present themselves, what makes them unique and knowing their likes and dislikes. They then put these images together to create a full image/ design/ logo that represented them. We wanted students to talk about who they are with each other and learn about their new classmates.  to bring what they have created to life by designing a pair of shoes that display the images they have created. The students then had a pair of shoes to take home that they are proud of.


The students took part in two lessons to discover the foundation of dance, creating choreography and developing their performance skills. At the same time as forming relationships and building their confidence.

During their first session students discussed and learned about basic dance terms in order to create a choreography such as: actions, gesture, jump, turn, travel and balance. Students then took turns to demonstrate each dance action.

During their second lesson the students utilised their prior knowledge on creating choreography and focussed on their performance skills. The students focussed on 3 aims: using actions to emphasise a character, using facial expressions to emphasise a character/emotion and using a variation of dynamics to tell a story of emotions to the audience. This was achieved as the students were put into groups and each chose their own superhero/Disney princess and created a story through dance. Students reached the 3 goals as they were peer-assessed by the other groups and they had to guess what character each student was based on the 3 targets.


Activities were used to encourage the groups to work on their communication skills and teamwork, working together to support each other through improvisation activities and group work. The students all had to participate in various activities which encouraged them to improve their confidence, often being pushed outside their comfort zone. The students were successful in their creativity and all took part in various drama exercises. They worked well in teams and encouraged and helped each other.

Festival day

On the Friday, students took part in a festival day which was run by our year 12 sports leaders. The aim of the day was for students to strengthen their team-working skills.

This was achieved through different activities where students were taking part in sports that they may have never done before which were: Skateboarding & Scootering, Archery, Table Tennis, Team building games (gutterball, daisy chain and code lock) and Poster design

This was a successful day in which students were able to utilise the skills that they had learnt over the week to help themselves work in successful teams where they all felt valued and could succeed.


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