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High School

At Kingsbury High School we have the highest aspirations for all our young people and good attendance and punctuality is a key part of this. 

If students do not attend school regularly or miss the start of lessons and/or form times they cannot successfully access the education available to them which has the potential to limit their success.

We also believe it is important that students establish good routines and habits in preparation for adult life.  Good punctuality is a key attribute that employers expect and together we need to ensure our young people secure this skills as early as possible.

Under the school’s Positive Punctuality focus:

  • Students will be expected to be in school no later than 08.35am to enable them to be in form for 08.40am
  • On Wednesdays, students will be expected to be in school no later than 8.50 for period 1 at 9.00
  • Any student arriving after 08.35am (08.50am on Wednesdays) will be marked as late and will sit  detention the same day.

The school is open from 08.15am to students. We understand that there may be rare occasions when lateness is unavoidable due to unforeseen circumstances. On these occasions parents will need to contact their child’s Year Leader to inform the school of when their child will arrive and the reason for the lateness.