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High School

Students' success and wellbeing is a team effort which sees our pastoral teams work closely with academic faculties to ensure students can reach their full potential.  We have a dedicated Student Development Faculty focused on providing pastoral support to ensure that each individual student has the support they need throughout their journey at Kingsbury High School.

Students and parents in each year group have access to a full-time Year Leader, a Student Support Officer and a member of the teaching staff as Stage Leader for the stage. We have dedicated Behaviour for Learning Officers, who are there to support students and guide them into making the right choices and reflect on how they can learn from mistakes.   

We have dedicated medical officers in both sites. We deal with anything from a headache to students with difficult/complex medical issues. All our students are dealt with discretion and respect. We are dedicated to working with parents and students to ensure that medical needs are not a barrier to accessing the full curriculum and reaching their potential.

The school has a counselling service run by our full time Lead Counsellor.  The service provides a confidential space for students and where appropriate parents, with a skilled professional, where social, developmental and emotional problems can be addressed.  We believe this contributes to an holistic approach for Kingsbury students, giving those experiencing difficulties, the best possible chance to access and enjoy their education.

Mentoring is also available to students who may need help in overcoming barriers to their learning.