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High School

A highlight of each year as an art teacher is the annual exhibition.

Now housed in TOLC the exhibition showcases work from GCSE, BTEC and A-Level students. It is a chance for students, teachers and invited guests to see the results of the hundreds of hours of observation, recording, development and creative thinking our young artists engage in; many of whom go on to study on art courses at university prior to entering careers in the creative industries – one of the UK’s largest employers.

This year the show boasted a breadth of work that was diverse in both form and concept. From Ashfa’s architectural paper pyramids that evoke a world of both the far off future and the distant past, to Heeba’s feminist reinterpretations of the religious iconography of the renaissance, the work on display reflects the range of intellectual, cultural and political perspectives that our uniquely composed community hold.

Whereas the free ice-cream may have been the motivation for the crowd of year 7 and 8 students who flocked the library at 3:30pm on Wednesday afternoon, it was the magic of the artwork on display that informed their conversations in the space and beyond it. For the parents, senior citizens and the students who came to see their own work on display this event was a celebration of the effort, rigour, risk-taking and confidence that was evident in every piece.

Kingsbury High School has a proud history of inspiring and developing successful artists, designers, musicians and performers. Whether our graduates continue with a path into the arts or not, the learning that underpins such great success in these subjects provides our leavers with a skill set that is transferable and applicable in any area of their professional or personal lives, and long may it continue.

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