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High School

Kingsbury Students Visit Capgemini

Last month, Capgemini hosted three young ladies studying their A levels at KHS as part of our celebrations for International Women’s Day and National Apprenticeship Week. The article below was written by Michelle Perkins, HR Director at Capgemini. 

''It’s really wonderful to get great feedback from them, but truth be told, I think we probably enjoyed creating the day and spending it with them even more than they did.  There’s always something refreshing and inspiring about seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes. So, a big thank you to KHS for helping us create a day for these young ladies and trusting us to do so!


Here are their stories….


“Having the opportunity to visit Capgemini for an insight day and learn more about the corporate world was a valuable and enlightening experience. As a sixth form student, unsure about their future, it was reassuring to hear about the experiences and advice of the staff and how everyone mentioned that not knowing your path and changing your mind is completely valid, which is something I tend to forget.

 “One of the many highlights of the day was meeting the different people and learning about the differences and similarities of their daily work. Having not attended such events before, I started the day feeling anxious but I’m especially grateful to Michelle Perkins for organising the day as well as Chandni Patel, Susan MacKenzie, Aghogho Akponah and Alex Blake for being so kind and making me feel so welcome and easing my nerves.

 “Furthermore, the day made me realise of the reality of working for such a company which differed from the perspective I had built in my head, which didn’t include the fun personality of the employees or the incredible company values. The day left me feeling inspired and sad that it had ended so soon but the reassuring advice along with the amazing personalities of the staff and wonderful values of the company won’t be so easily forgotten.”



“Being able to visit Capgemini and receive an insight into the corporate world was truly an invaluable experience for me. Since I see myself working at such a company in the future, I found the whole experience very interesting and informative. The fact that we were able to participate in an interactive task that reflects the work of the employees was also really fascinating – it was very fun.

 “After spending the day at the company, I learnt so much; from hearing about different people’s experiences, to hearing their advice to us. Previously, I had turned a blind eye to the idea of apprenticeships due to the fact that I had mainly been exposed to the university path. As someone who is part of the first generation in my family to get a good education, and to then hopefully get a well paying job, I had always thought that university was the only way to achieve what my parents expect from me. However, after listening to various people, like Michelle Perkins and Stephanie Bishop, I realised that there are so many more, and possibly better, options out there. So, I look forward to doing more research into finding which path is best for me as an aspiring software engineer. It was also extremely reassuring to hear the different ways in which the people we met came to work at Capgemini; it indirectly emphasised how there is more than one way to be successful.

 “Despite all this, I believe the highlight of the day was just being able to meet everyone. They were all so welcoming and friendly. I loved listening to all their experiences (how they joined Capgemini and their path to joining; what their work is like – no two days are the same!).

 “Thank you, Michelle Perkins, Chandni Patel, Susan MacKenzie, Aghogho Akponah, Alex Blake and Stephanie Bishop. Thank you for taking the time to spend time with us – we really appreciate it. They inspired me and made it so that I was even more passionate about joining the technology field (especially after seeing the AR display!). I would love to visit again – maybe I’ll apply to Capgemini in the future.” ''