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High School

George Szirtes School visit

On Monday 13th June we were lucky enough to have George Szirtes, a published poet, visit Kingsbury High School and hold a poetry writing workshop with a small group of Year 10s. 

He explained to students his entry into the poetry writing world and this was especially momentous as George actually attended KHS some years ago! The students were fascinated by this. George then did some poetry analysis work before supporting students on developing their own poetry writing skills. 

The students were all thoroughly engaged and produced some great work which they workshopped with George and each other and were an absolute credit to the school. I was particularly proud of how attentive and polite they were to George and how they represented themselves and the school during the afternoon. George has actually taken the time to write to us to express how much he enjoyed the session and how brilliant the students were. 

Below is an incredible poem from one of our students.

Sacrament of the Sea

Fish out of water.

She's somewhere where she shouldn't be.

Angel on earth


Good amongst evil

Perfect grades, the best daughter.

To beat her? You couldn't.


So I stare from earth

admiring this work of

art, this crafted form


Pure benevolence 

Fanfares and the bands and horns

mark her arrival.


Lost in swarms of fans,

the envious, worshippers

I try not to drown


Oceans of decent

Ok, mediocre. I

wish to dive with you


Instead, only you

as you engulf me, own me

and swim together.