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High School

The KHS Cake Challenge in Honour of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

As part of the activities to mark the Jubilee Celebration, students were challenged to work in groups of two to design a cake that will be suitable for a street party in honour of the occasion. The three groups that were able to meet the submission deadline were then invited to the food room to make and decorate their cakes within a given time.

It was interesting to see how the students worked very hard to create their ideas.

In third place were Yassin El Adlani Tourabi  and Vincent Rionda-Yau in 9s for their enthusiasm and great team work.

In second place were Aarav Prasad  in 7U and Leon Arthur in 7N for good organisation skills and originality of the idea.

The first position went to Zain Shaikh in and Khush Gohil in 7H for independent work and good presentation.

I would like to thank Careen McQueen for her support and hard work. Special thanks to Erik and Tamara for their excellent coverage of the event. Finally, I would like to thank the Art and DT faculty for creating the opportunity for our students.