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High School

UCL Weekend Medical Conference - Year 12

This weekend eight Year 12 prospective medical students spent the weekend at UCL and attended the International Undergraduate and Foundation Surgery Conference. The weekend consisted of a series of lectures, workshops and a networking opportunity.

We attended a series of lectures along with 200 medical students from various universities which focused on innovations in the field of surgery specifically looking at Breast Surgery Treatments, Orthopaedic Surgery and the increasing use of VR simulations and regenerative medicine in the future.  Lectures were delivered by the likes of Ava Kwong who has published over 300 academic papers.

The second part of the weekend was a series of workshops. These included workshops on understanding the application process, CPR, mock interviews and a surgical suturing session.

Finally, the weekend ended with a networking event where we spoke to medical students and many doctors about their careers and experience of the process as well as what they would do at our stage in the application.

Overall it was a very insightful and enjoyable experience which informed us about the future in the field, how we can successfully get into medical school and what we can look forward to once we are there.

Written by Dylan Patel, Year 12